SK Tourist VISA Tips Plus First-Time Flyer Tips

I am writing this post as supplement to my original post on Applying for South Korea Tourist Visa.

I helped another friend get hers but the most important thing here really is submitting the complete requirements. When you have the complete requirements on hand, you don’t really have a lot to worry about. My write-up will be more about what you have to prepare before flying out.

Another reason I am writing this supplement is because my sister also applied for her visa for the first time.

She graduated from university last May, literally marched her graduation in June. She got her first job in June as well.

Since she is already employed by the time she made her application (October 2017), her profile and requirements must be that of an employee.

You can check the complete list of requirements on the Korean Embassy in the Philippines website (site is dead at the moment, will edit once they go live again).

Also, this is a long-ass post without pictures. This had been sitting in my drafts for who knows how long, I had to publish it to get this blog moving again. Also yey for my first post for 2018!

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UK: Multiple Tourist Visa (With Invitation)


This time, I finally realized my dream of traveling to the United Kingdom. I’ve delayed this trip for a year, and finally here I am, writing about the requirements to get that one hurdle to setting foot in my travel destination topnotcher: the VISA.

For this trip, I will be traveling with my Mom, and we were invited and will be supported by my Aunt who is a British Citizen. You can get information online about the requirements when you do visit the country on your own. But since there’s only a few who write information about trips that are sponsored, here’s my contribution to that lot.

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SOUTH KOREA 2016: Jihachul, Guide to using the trains in Seoul

As part of my South Korea 2016 travel tips, this time, let’s talk about the transportation in Korea, particularly in Seoul.

I have been to Seoul 3 times, and the trains and subways are my best friends. To be honest, I haven’t mastered the art of riding the trains, nor do I know the difference between subway and train (I know in Japan there’s a difference, like on land or underneath it, or that in London they’re called Tube or Train, not subway because that’s a restaurant HAHA). In Manila, we only have Rail that goes on and under land. Anyway, Seoul pretty much have the best transportation system among the countries I’ve been at. Not that there are many, but a lot of people who have been to Seoul would probably say the same. Every nook and cranny of the city is accessible by train, if not, then by bus.

Warning: Huge picture size ahead.

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SOUTH KOREA 2016: Travel Tips

After finishing my travel diary for South Korea 2015, I’ll begin another series related to my spirit country. This time, South Korea 2016 will mostly be travel tips when travelling to Seoul. I hope this will be beneficial to those who will visit Korea – Seoul specifically – for the first time.

I read a lot about the places to visit in Seoul, and how to go to these places, but only a few cater to guidelines when you actually tour the city for the first time. Hence, this will be a master post of some of the tips I can share with you guys if you want to visit the city. I haven’t completely written out this series, so please check back if I have added anything new.

  1. Enjoy Mobile Korea
  2. Jihachul and Subways
  3. Credit Card or PHP
  4. Incheon Airport, pre-departure shopping
  5. Guesthouses
  6. Attending a Korean concert part 1 | part 2
  7. MyeongDong vs. HongDae vs EDae
  8. Coffee Shops and Fastfood
  9. Budget (maybe)

If you enjoyed this series, please let me know in the comments. If you have something you want to know please reach out and I will try to write about that.

P.S. I did not focus on touring this time because I mainly visited the city to watch a concert (two concerts, but of the same artist lol). I did visit a few places I haven’t been to before, but only to fill in the hours before the concert.



151023 How to go to Aiin’s World (on foot from Samsan Stadium)

Aiin’s World is located at 1, Gilju-ro, Wonmi-gu, Bucheon-si, Gyeonggi-do. You can get more details of the amusement park at Visit Korea’s official site.

enjoy aiins!

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Now, we got the original instructions to go to the place from this site, and various other sites. However, there’s not much detail on how to go there on foot from the Samsan Stadium Station.

Here’s how:

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