[UPDATED] SOUTH KOREA 2017: Guesthouses in Seoul

EDIT: Updated March 2018

Since I began traveling mid-budget, I rarely stay at hotels. I’ve never stayed in a hotel in Seoul. But I loved staying at guesthouses.

Guesthouses, generally, gives you a feeling of community, like a home away from home – but not quite (depending on your perspective of home, I dare say). To begin with, I’ve stayed at three different guesthouses whenever I’m in town. This is because I still want to explore staying at different parts of town and find out which is the best neighborhood for me.

For this post, I’ll discuss each guesthouse based on the following criteria: proximity to nearest subway station, proximity to Airport Limousine Bus stop, breakfast, reception, toilet/bath, space, price, facility, night life, and shopping. These are the ten points I look at when choosing a hostel or guesthouse in general. This can be your starting point in choosing your guesthouse in Seoul. Or even in other cities.

To make comparing objective, I’ll give one (1) point if it’s positive, and zero (0) if it’s negative, and point five (0.5) if there’s both positive and negative, based on my experience. I will also give explanation as necessary.

So let’s get right down to each of them.

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[SEOUL 2019] What I Buy in Seoul

It’s 2019! And here’s a new post following my latest trip to Seoul.

Whenever I plan on going to Seoul, there are always things that I put on my to-buy list – things that I’ve been buying since the first time I went there, and new stuff that have become *hot* topics. As we all know, Korea is very much known for make-up and all things Kpop (trust me, I’m always asked to buy make-up and K-pop whenever I visit), but what other things can you splurge on when in the city?

Here are a few things I usually buy, and also things that I’ve bought for the first time. I’ve linked some of the products to their original Korean website and some of the products to YesStyle. If you order from them, please use my YesStyle Friend Rewards – as this will give you a discount, and will also give me the same amount. It will really help me with the running of this blog. If you have questions, please feel free to comment below!

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[ITAEWON] How to go to YMC Office / Swing Entertainment

YMC Entertainment is home to KPop artists Wanna One, Ailee and Jessi among many others. Located at the quieter side of Itaewon, it’s one of the more accessible agencies if you ever want to visit.

Usually, the entrance is filled with fangirls and I’m actually curious how they know Wanna One is inside. We spent some time at the coffee shop and surprisingly, there are no fangirls outside. Although we’ve seen quite a few inside the cafe.

On another note, it was a Saturday and Seongwu was at Music Core.

This is just a guide how to visit the office, PLEASE DO NOT INCONVENIENTLY WAIT OUTSIDE THE OFFICE.

And with that said, let’s go to the instructions!

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Driver’s License Renewal – LTO Robinson’s Lipa

2018 marked the year of my third driver’s license renewal, and this year I decided to do it at the Land Transportation Office (LTO) branch in Robinson’s Lipa. The branch aims to ease the number of people crowding the regional branch in Concepcion.

This branch is actually pretty small, and only caters to application for Student Permit, and renewal of Driver’s and Conductor’s license.

For this post, I’ll be talking about the process and throw some tips to make your renewal easier, and probably faster.

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SK Tourist VISA Tips Plus First-Time Flyer Tips

I am writing this post as supplement to my original post on Applying for South Korea Tourist Visa.

I helped another friend get hers but the most important thing here really is submitting the complete requirements. When you have the complete requirements on hand, you don’t really have a lot to worry about. My write-up will be more about what you have to prepare before flying out.

Another reason I am writing this supplement is because my sister also applied for her visa for the first time.

She graduated from university last May, literally marched her graduation in June. She got her first job in June as well.

Since she is already employed by the time she made her application (October 2017), her profile and requirements must be that of an employee.

You can check the complete list of requirements on the Korean Embassy in the Philippines website (site is dead at the moment, will edit once they go live again).

Also, this is a long-ass post without pictures. This had been sitting in my drafts for who knows how long, I had to publish it to get this blog moving again. Also yey for my first post for 2018!

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