Etude visit: Dr. Oil

I went to SM Manila yesterday to fill in my beauty kit. Ahem, I’m totally new to this stuff, so don’t take my comments on make-up things seriously. I mean, I can answer queries every now and then, but it would only be based on my own experience. And as everybody says, babe-fying stuff differs from one person to another because our skin types and generally our physical being are different.

So, I went in the store armed with the idea that I’m going to buy Dr. Oil Blemish Balm cream. And voila, to my surprise, it doesn’t exist. Yes, they do have the product line Dr. Oil, but a BB Cream does not exist, contrary to what most people say online. Instead, they have Dr, Oil BB Lotion, which is different from the cream. I’m not really sure what it’s about, but the sales lady told me that since it’s for oily skin, a cream product will be contradicting its essence. Uhuh.

And so much for my wanting to buy a BB Cream, after ages of coveting it, I finally bout their BB Magic Cream in Refreshing. Tell me I’m an idiot, please. The sales lady clearly said that creams are not advisable for oily skin and yet I bought one. Wants and needs are really different. GAH.

But, to compensate, I bought the Dr. Oil pressed powder. it smells nice, actually, and the puff is soft. I have only tried them once so no review yet.

Till next time!


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