SOUTH KOREA 2016: Coffee shops and Fast foods

Here’s another entry for my South Korea tips for the beginner mid-budget traveler! Hopefully, this can help you in that first ever adventure to Seoul!

For us Filipinos, rice is a staple food. Personally, I can go on a day without rice. But after a week, I need to have it back in my system.

Koreans are the same. They also have rice as a staple in their meals. I’m not sure to what extent they have to have it, but watching K Dramas, and eating at Korean restaurants here in the Philippines, I’m pretty sure they put huge importance in it. A cup of rice usually costs Php50 in Korean restaurants!

Unlike in Korea, however, there usually isn’t rice at their fast foods, similar to Singapore and Japan. Because meals are very important part of their lives, they make sure that proper meals are not rushed nor are compromised. If you want to eat rice, eat at restaurants. Or you can find them at convenience stores which are all over the metro. Convenience store rice boxes are cheaper and they’re actually good enough for their price. Some boxes even offer full course for KRW3000 – KRW7000.

So here’s a curated gallery of food photos taken from my various trips to Korea by me or my friends. Photos are not all mine, so please check the credits!

credit: acarlasdfghjkl from IG

This one is a typical breakfast from Paris Baguette. Sandwiches can either be cold or warm, just make sure they can be warmed if you prefer that because some sandwiches are just really cold cuts.

This one’s another coffee shop treat, from Ediya. This is from 2015, and they’re waffles and Iced Caramel Macchiato. Some afternoon snack or when you feel like you just need to take a seat and power up with caffeine after a long walk stouring.

credit: acarlasdfghjkl from IG

This is from a convenience stores I think GS25? Full meal, darling – with kimchi and pickles! If you do rice in the evening, this is a really nice treat.

credit: acarlasdfghjkl from IG

Bibimbap bowl from the airport. I think this is from the restaurant Bibigo.

Another bibimbap, but this one is from Myeongdong’s Odarijip. This one has a homemade feel more than the Bibigo one. Here’s a snippet of my review of the place from TripAdvisor:

The wall was also littered with pictures of an Ahjushi (not the one who talked to us, I’m pretty sure) with Kpop stars like TVXQ (when there were still 5 members), Hongki, Super Junior, etc. in the backstage; Park SiHoo and Jang GeunSeok in the restaurant, I believe.

credit: acarlasdfghjkl from IG

A sample of ssamgyeopsal feast from Seorae. My favorite is that pumpkin scoop! Ssamgyeopsal is better with wraps though, rather than just seasoned leafy stuff.

This one is from Odarijip as well! Traditional ssamgyeopsal, no fuss, just pure hearty food!

credit: acarlasdfghjkl from IGSsamgyetang from a restaurant in Myeongdong near the Line Store. Ssamgyetang is a really healthy food. I’d recommend you to have it and if you can splurge on a more expensive restaurant or those which are popular to locals, please do so!

Fire chicken on the grill and sweet pork. These are from a restaurant within Nami Island. I think this cost us nearly W40,000 including rice. I would advise to eat a full meal outside of Nami Island. The parking lot of the harbor has many restaurants which are better than this one.

This one is from the food court of Doota Mall in Dongdaemun. I think this was around W10,000 to W15,000. Huge serving and definitely worth it if you’re a big eater.

Here’s a sample of fastfood from the hotdog joint NY Hotdog Coffee at Aiin’s World where you combine hotdog and coffee in meals. My sister and I both got hotdog sandwich and juice of choice for lunch.

And that’s it for now. I’ll add up here if I get more food photos from my stash of previous years or when I go back later this year!



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