SOUTH KOREA 2015 Day 5: Nami Island

Now we have an extremely short title.


Tired from the previous day, we left the guest house late. HAHA. Which was really a bad decision since we will be going out of Seoul for the day to Nami Island, and supposedly to Petite France.

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South Korea 2015: Our K-Pop Adventure

Where it all happened.. ^_^

Where it all happened.. ^_^

This post – and the next series of articles – will be about our recent trip to Korea.

Our itinerary was generally very loose. We had six days and five nights spent in Seoul and its outskirts. It was pretty tiring but it was all worth it!

The highlights of our trip are the following:

The theme of the trip, if you would notice, is K-Pop. So for the benefit of the people who want to visit those agencies, I will share what we did and the alternative routes we took.

Disclaimer: We didn’t stalk, okay? We just went to the agencies, took pictures of the facade because we generally like them (the artists), waited a bit for action, and then left. It was just nice seeing some of them close – or far – enough to confirm it was actually them.


Singapore in July

I’m currently in Singapore, and I’ll be staying for two weeks. Singapore is like a dream come true. Lots of high rise buildings, similar to apartment complexes. But there are nearby parks and lots of green around. There are lots of shopping centers, you’ll never grow tired of shopping.

Then there’s the train. Everywhere is within reach because of the train service. 😀 You’re never too far away.

I’m walking everyday, and I’m starting to love it more. It’s very clean here. Even if there’s a lot of cars, there’s no smoke. And people are jogging all day.

I’ll try to update again with lots of pictures. But for now, this is a short update of my life. 😀 Have fun everyone!

at Esplanade overlooking the Merlion