SOUTH KOREA 2015 Day 5: Nami Island

Now we have an extremely short title.


Tired from the previous day, we left the guest house late. HAHA. Which was really a bad decision since we will be going out of Seoul for the day to Nami Island, and supposedly to Petite France.

We didn’t purchase the circle bus because we rode on the wrong bus. HAHA. There was another bus line going to Nami Island, I just wasn’t able to take note of the bus line. But once you exit Gapyeong Station, cross to the other side. A number of buses will stop there, but wait for the one with the sign Nami Island, which is the next stop. You may use your T-Money here. It’s relatively cheaper than the circle bus, and the taxi as well. Before boarding, make sure to ask the driver first. Just ask, “Nami Island?”

We wanted to explore the place fast, but my sister and I both don’t know how to ride the bike so we just rode the UNICEF train to get to the end, then walked back.



sister be posing again

sister be posing again

And I found the tree lane I had my picture taken two and a half years ago! I think…


After Nami Island, it was already getting dark, and the queue to ride the ferry back was getting really long. So we just skipped Petite France – my sister vowing to return – and made our way back to MyeongDong to buy pasalubongs.

The basement of Lotte Young houses SM Merchandise. lotteThe Lotte Department Store is on the other side from Lotte Young, the basement being the supermarket. I remember buying my pasalubongs from my last trip from there. But I think the selections were fewer now, at least in terms of snacks. And they close early. I think they close at 8pm? I was surprised because when we went back to MyeongDong, the road stores were still open, with no sign of closing. Apparently it wasn’t even 9 yet.

There’s this chicken burger joint called Mom’s Touch and at the basement of that building is where we bought K-Pop goodies to give away. If you buy 10 items, each worth ₩3,000, you’ll get one free item of the same price.





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