SOUTH KOREA 2016: Travel Tips

After finishing my travel diary for South Korea 2015, I’ll begin another series related to my spirit country. This time, South Korea 2016 will mostly be travel tips when travelling to Seoul. I hope this will be beneficial to those who will visit Korea – Seoul specifically – for the first time.

I read a lot about the places to visit in Seoul, and how to go to these places, but only a few cater to guidelines when you actually tour the city for the first time. Hence, this will be a master post of some of the tips I can share with you guys if you want to visit the city. I haven’t completely written out this series, so please check back if I have added anything new.

  1. Enjoy Mobile Korea
  2. Jihachul and Subways
  3. Credit Card or PHP
  4. Incheon Airport, pre-departure shopping
  5. Guesthouses
  6. Attending a Korean concert part 1 | part 2
  7. MyeongDong vs. HongDae vs EDae
  8. Coffee Shops and Fastfood
  9. Budget (maybe)

If you enjoyed this series, please let me know in the comments. If you have something you want to know please reach out and I will try to write about that.

P.S. I did not focus on touring this time because I mainly visited the city to watch a concert (two concerts, but of the same artist lol). I did visit a few places I haven’t been to before, but only to fill in the hours before the concert.




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