[Review] That Winter, The Wind Blows (Episode 1)

That winter the wind blows poster


It’s a season late that I am watching this drama with Jo Insung and Song Hyegyo as the leads.

It’s pretty amazing how this drama is making Winter in Korea look breathtakingly beautiful. I was in Seoul earlier this month, and though it’s technically Spring already (and despite the brutal cold for someone from the tropics) I regret not being there earlier in the year.

Then again, this drama is not just about the cinematography – although it presents colors and blurs and broken backgrounds splendidly. I think the beauty of the backdrop used in this drama was to compensate Youngie’s blindness. And to also make us – with the eyes that see – appreciate how beuatiful life really is, despite the ups and downs that we experience.

I refused to watch the movie version of this drama because the poster was too sad to look at. And come to think of it, the drama poster for That Winter was also too sad that I refused to watch it. Anyway, so far the story is working it’s way slowly.

While building the characters of Oh Soo and Oh Young, I came to realize that the drama is taking its time to make the viewers understand the personalities of the two at the same time build the complications around them.

But the evil of Secretary Wang is confusing. I’m guessing she wants to take over PL Group but she can’t do anything about it since she’s technically a stranger in the family.

Anyway, I still have a long way to go for this drama. It’s attractively short with only 16 episodes – well compared to other dramas nowadays at 20 or 24.

What about you guys? What do you think?



[Review] The Innocent Man – 100th Post

Because this is my 100th post, i decided to give it to this sort of awesome drama. I intended to give this honorable post to The Princess’ Man, but the review writing is taking longer than I expected and my blog was expecting a post.

taken from Wikipedia

taken from Wikipedia

And they finally close it at episode 20, overlooking a river of some sort in some secluded provincial town. Which I happen to like the colors that they used.

I am not going to write an extensive review (like the one I’m preparing for The Princess’ Man) but more of a reaction paper to this melodrama that piqued my interest and reasoning in real life.

I started off ranting on this drama until episode 8 when the story pretty much circled around EunGi’s hatred to the world, MaRu’s vengeful self, JaeHui’s ambitiousness and pretty much everyone’s attempt at keeping their so-called rightful place in society, while at the same time making the sane characters crazy. Then it took off when EunGi lost her memory and became this cheerful and bright chic in long skirts and pretty boots.

Then I was pretty much watching it.

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[Review] The Innocent Man – First Look

taken from Wikipedia

taken from Wikipedia

It’s been 7 episodes already and I still don’t get the point of this drama. My frustration is growing, but exactly like the curious cat in me, I can’t seem to stop watching and finding out what will happen in the end.

The synopsis briefly goes like this,

“Betrayed by his ex-girlfriend Han JaeHee, Gang Maru uses the heiress Seo EunGi who lost her memory to take his revenge.”

And I am still waiting when Seo EunGi will loose her memory.

dating in Aomori

dating in Aomori

I only started watching this because of Moon ChaeWon. She’s all sorts of awesome in The Princess’ Man. She still is in The Innocent Man (I do see what they did there) but the story simply just doesn’t grow in me. I need more material, and more concrete plot direction to actually watch this without my mind going to an entirely different direction.

And it doesn’t help that I keep on skipping the scenes without Maru and EunGi. Even Park SiYeon’s Han JaeHee doesn’t work.

Ugh. Please let this drama take on a steadier beat rather than the EunGi-hates-the-world-but-loves-Maru-but-then-Maru-just-hates-the-world drama. Don’t let me hate on Song JoongKi because of this.

And right now, I would really appreciate any non-spoiler tip you can give just to move on with this drama. Any comments?

Answering some MAOU-related questions

There were these questions over at Maou in Crunchyroll which I really want to answer but can’t because I’ve forgotten my account over there. So, since Maou is still fresh in my memory and I really want to voice out my answers, I’d like to post them up here.

Do you think Naruse Ryou is wrong?

Morally speaking, of course killing people is wrong. But that aside, when it comes to his rationality, I believe that what he is doing is correct. He kills people based on anger; hunger for revenge. When I put myself in his shoes, all thoughts of good or bad are erased, and left only with that one goal of avenging his brother and mother. But since the question is “Do you…” I’d have to say, yes, he is wrong. There are many ways of avenging his family members, if he cannot forgive those who have wronged him. I don’t think the statute of limitations has been applied so maybe he can re-open the case? If he doesn’t believe the law, then it’s actually pointless that his character was that of a lawyer. Another thing, maybe he could have just directed his revenge towards Serizawa Naoto and not include the other people involved?

Who is more pitiful: Naruse Ryou or Serizawa Naoto?

From the beginning, it was already Naruse Ryou. He was living in grief for 11 years with no one really beside him. There’s that so-called sister, but she doesn’t really ‘understand’ him, or should I say he refuse to let anybody in. Serizawa on the other hand has guilt, but as he put it, he has already found an outlet for that guilt, becoming a cop and catching criminals (to make the world a better and safer place). As far as I’m concerned, he already has happiness in his life, with his family and friends.

If YOU were to choose, who would it be (in SHIORI’s position)?

I guess this is a question of love? When you’ve seen the drama, you actually already have an answer. Naoto likes Shiori, but Shiori is in love with Ryou, and Ryou is in love with her. And I have to agree with her. Ryou needs someone beside him, for him to be able to get out of the ‘dark tunnel’ and be saved. Shiori is his angel. Like, Shiori’s pureness might just be that thing to help purify Ryou’s darkened heart.

Okay, I’ve given my answers. Really, I’m just bored but couldn’t put up an answer over there. Plus the drama has been aired two years ago~ And sorry for the weird title. I’m sort of sleepy, I still have to try the subbing programs I recently got my hands on.

Til next time!

Fall in Love with Endless Love III: Summer Scent

I’ve been sitting a lot these days, what with school over, and just finding and waiting for job opportunities. I realized that I have so much time in my hands, that I decided to use them by backtracking on old Korean dramas that really took Hallyu to the next level.

summer scent

I’m talking about the Endless Love series. I have finished watching Autumn Tale, and currently got some free time on my hands while waiting for the series to buff on YouTube. Anyway, I’ve already talked about a previous topic within the drama, and thought of putting up another one.

Time-tested love versus Fated love. I haven’t been in love; well, none that you can categorize under the two. And to be honest, I can’t quite put my finger on which among the two am I supposed to believe in.

People say, however, that the time spent by two people together does not determine the love they have for each other. Sometimes even, time also cannot determine how much two people know about each other.  I believe things like knowing about each other comes naturally. So does fate. Love that happened within the confines of Fate can never be forced, and it can never be helped.

Although practically speaking, love tested by time is usually the safest to go with. But that does not guarantee that Fated love can make any two people be less happier.