One in A Million: YamaPi’s new song

I was not really waiting for this new song. Actually, I had no idea he was going to release another one after Loveless. I mean, I haven’t been around JPop lately, but I think I’m aware that NEWS hasn’t release any new songs lately.

Pi, don’t be the second Jin. Although I think I wouldn’t mind, but you create joyful songs with NEWS, and I love your Akira style/personality the most.

Anyway, the tune of the song was fine. I find it catchy. But I like Loveless more. It’s a club/dance song so I think I’ll get tired of it soon enough. Plus I’m not really fond of auto-tuning that’s popular these days. And the fact that Pi’s voice is his least flattering trait, at least in my opinion. The PV was a different story. He should have danced more. As most people said, that’s one of his selling points. There should have been more chemistry between the two because, uh, the song says she’s supposed to be ‘one in a million.’ The story approached me as a one night stand video that claims the girl as the ONE woman Pi will sleep with that night, and a couple of nights after. But not really in a romantic ‘One in A Million’ way whom he’ll sacrifice his own life for later on.

I was expecting a cheesier video, one similar with that of Rain’s (minus the strip/pole dancing part) Love Song. But too much for expecting.