Attending a Korean Concert II: Preps

I wrote about Ticketing here. Once you have the tickets, let’s now talk about what comes after!

What to Bring:

Tickets. Ticket is the most important thing because they will look for the ticket at every stop before you can go inside. Even inside the concert venue, they can randomly check your ticket, so make sure you have it on hand.


Water. Most venues will only allow water bottles inside. No food. Yes24 staff check bags for food, but for some reason they never found my biscuits… I never ate them inside anyway. Bring water, especially if you’re game-face-on for cheering your artists. They gave out water in cups during the concert, but the staff’s attention are kind of hard to catch, so if you need the water already, better have it on hand.


Fanboard. Where you can showcase your creativity and love. Design your board with your bias’ name, or the group’s name. But make sure this is not too big that it blocks the view of people behind you. Personally, I think what you can fit in one hand when holding it up, or what you can hold from your chest that will not pass up your chin is the safest size. PinkFashionNinja suggests to have it in a string so it can hang around your neck when you don’t need it. Frees your hand during Hi-Touch as well!

Storage Facility:

Coin lockers. My concert venue was Yes24 Live Hall. They have coin lockers outside where you can store your things. They charge 500KRW for smaller lockers, and 1,000KRW for the bigger ones. Keep in mind that these are self-operated, and has a key-lock. If you close the locker door, it will require the coins immediately. If you have left something inside, you can open the locker again, then lock it by inserting coins again. So before you close it, make sure you have everything on-hand. You can close the locker without locking them, just make sure you’re near it so you can check up on your things. Not that looting is abound in Seoul, but just a friendly reminder.

Also, fansite masters usually stand around this area if they have giveaways or if they have fanmade goods for sale.

What to Wear:

Before the concert date, the boys of Day6 asked the fans to not wear heels but to wear sneakers instead. This is because they were determined to make the concert guests dance. Now, if you’re down at the pit, wear shoes that are comfortable for the next 3 hours. Make sure your shoes can also protect your toes just in case the crowd gets hyped – stepping on somebody else’s shoes is not really avoidable. As for your clothes, again wear something you are comfortable in. Try to avoid those with many lose thread because you don’t want to get caught by someone’s arm, or bag, or hand while jumping up and down.

If there are souvenir shirts, the artists will always wear them towards the encore. If you want to be coupl-y with them, purchase the merchandise and wear it to your heart’s content. I didn’t buy Day6’s concert t-shirt because I thought it was too expensive and I kind of liked their D-Day concert shirt more.

How to take photos:

Readers, bask in the moment. Enjoy the show with your eyes and not behind cam! Normally, taking photos or videos are not allowed. On the first day of the concert, rule-breakers were sent out, their cameras confiscated. But they were able to go back in, their device given back albeit after deleting the files. On the second day, fans caught were no longer allowed to go back in. They were even sent about 10 meters from the venue.

So please, please, please, follow the rules. Don’t risk not being able to see the performances prepared by your idols. It’s also in a way stealing, like camcording movies in the cinema. Now, if you really want to take pictures of the concert, so that you know, you have a memory of it, make sure you are discrete enough. What surprised me actually is the quality of pictures taken during the concert, discretely, by fansite masters. I know some people also use retrieving apps/software so that they can get back the photos and videos lost.

It’s different when the concerts are overseas, to be honest. When Day6 had their concert in Bangkok, there were loads of fancams. Everybody’s taking and sharing them live. It depends upon the organizers I think.


And there you go!

If you have questions, please feel free to post up in the comments below! Additional information? Please add them down below! Share your experiences! Have you attended a concert in Korea? or outside the Philippines? Let me know~



12 thoughts on “Attending a Korean Concert II: Preps

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  2. Hey Jae! Going to watch Coldplay this April and I came across your blog post on your concert in Korea. This is a big help, thanks so much 🙂

    • Hi! Sorry for the late reply… By Will-Call tickets, do you mean tickets picked up at the venue right before the concert?

      If that is what you mean, then yes. At least based on my experience, Yes24 and Interpark both offer this service to International ticket buyers (foreigners not living in Korea). When you’re in Korea, tickets are usually shipped to your residence within a week or two (or as announced) by the website. But for international ticket buyers who DO NOT have a mailing address there, it’s usually picked up at the venue at least an hour before the start of the concert. Do take note of their guidelines so you don’t miss the ticket box.


  3. Hi! I’ll be watching B.A.P this Cctober. Are they really strict with the sequence number? Can i come a little bit late? the concert starts at 5 and i’ll be at the venue around 1 or 2 pm. For example, there’s already queue for standing ticket holders, can i just look where my number will be? like make singit between 501 and 503 if my seq. number is 502? =))

  4. Hiiii~ I was looking for more info on Yes 24 live hall’s coin lockers & came across your blog. Yay you’re a PH My Day too! ♥ Anyway, do you remember how big the coin lockers were at the venue? Will a 28″ luggage fit in the largest one? I need to rush to the airport right after the con T^T

    • Hello! Hi fellow PH MyDay! Haha
      Actually, the coin lockers there have 2 sizes. BUT I am not sure if the bigger one can fit your luggage. I only used the smaller one. 😦
      However, I’m assuming you’re gonna use AREX going to the airport? You can try the lockers at train stations. Those are definitely bigger, I’ve seen huge carriers being put inside. I’ve used a big one in Hongdae and it fit my handcarry trolley well (posters and all).

      Good luck! Let me know how it went 🙂 and also, enjoy the concert! You definitely won’t regret flying in just to see them! I wanted to watch din this December but family>Day6. Kung di lang nila binago yung schedule T_T but November was also fun! ENJOY!

  5. Hi~ I will be going for my first Day6 concert in Seoul soon and I was wondering if you have any tips on buying merch; what time I should get there, etc? Thanks!! ^^

    • Hello! First take note where the merch will be sold. 🙂 If it’s on the same venue as the concert, on the same day, be sure to go there early. Because Day6 is really popular nowadays, lines could get long and the merch for the day are limited. When we bought for the November con, the merch were sold at a different place. So you have to go there early as well, preferably when the store actually opens (or even before they open!). The items you want can get sold out, but say they have it on sale for three days, they will restock it on the next day of sale. Lightbands get sold out quickly.

      But if you’re not buying anything in particular and just want to look, you can visit later in the afternoon. There are no lines by then. 🙂

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