South Korea 2015: Our K-Pop Adventure

Where it all happened.. ^_^

Where it all happened.. ^_^

This post – and the next series of articles – will be about our recent trip to Korea.

Our itinerary was generally very loose. We had six days and five nights spent in Seoul and its outskirts. It was pretty tiring but it was all worth it!

The highlights of our trip are the following:

The theme of the trip, if you would notice, is K-Pop. So for the benefit of the people who want to visit those agencies, I will share what we did and the alternative routes we took.

Disclaimer: We didn’t stalk, okay? We just went to the agencies, took pictures of the facade because we generally like them (the artists), waited a bit for action, and then left. It was just nice seeing some of them close – or far – enough to confirm it was actually them.



Japan 2014 Day 3: Kyoto Day tour (Kiyomizudera, and the streets of Gion), Osaka’s Dotonbori



For our third day, we left the hotel before 7:30. While preparing, I saw this on TV!



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JAPAN 2014

ebisu4A few months ago, I blogged about my plans of going to Japan before the end of the year. Two weeks ago, my friend and I finally did and I’ll blog about the trip in the next couple of weeks. This photo on the left is my obligatory fangirl photo, and victory shot after locating this memorable JDrama shooting location. Below is the itinerary that took us forever to change and change and change! This will also be the guide for this Japan 2014 trip diary!

Day 1: Arrival, Tokyo University, Ebisu Garden Place, and Shibuya Crosswalk

Day 2: Hakone sightseeing, Izakaya

Day 3: Kyoto Day tour (Kiyomizudera, and the streets of Gion), Osaka’s Dotonbori

Day 4: Osaka Day Tour (Osaka Castle and Universal Studios Japan), return to Tokyo

Day 5: Tokyo Imperial Palace, Shin-Okubo, Tokyo Tower, Roppongi Hills

Day 6 & 7: Sensoji Temple, Odaiba, Tokyo Dome City, glimpse of Akihabara, Tokyo Disney Sea, Departure

SOUTH KOREA 2013 Day 1: Arrival, Petite France, Nami Island, Jung-gu, Dongdaemun

A little over a year ago, I went to South Korea for 4 days and 4 nights (we arrived at night). It was an amazing trip, and it was one to cross out from my bucket list. I would love to go back, though, and vist the Boseong Tea Garden – yes I still want to visit that spot I swore I would visit but didn’t really have the chance to. In a longer vacation, maybe. But for now, on with the commentary!

On our arrival, it was surprisingly cold. From the airport, we went directly to our guesthouse which was located in Jongno-5. We took the Bus from the airport and alighted a good 3 minutes from the guesthouse. It’s called KimChee Dongdaemun Guesthouse and you can check more about them on this site. Note, however, that the area is filled with red-light bars. Although we didn’t witness anyone actually “selling” doors and windows were filled with erotic posters of women.

We had dinner (midnight snack) at the closest 24-hour restaurant, one that we did not bother returning to. HAHA. There were drunk men on the streets, but I guess the good thing about it is that they were just minding their own business. You know just… drunk-talking?

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