Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh is a beautiful city, in a gothic kind of way.

When I was younger, I loved the dark beauty of goth culture, but used it without justice.

Anyway, this post will not be about that but will be about a tour you can do in the city proper of Edinburgh.

We reached Scotland from England via Virgin Trains. Here is a graphical comparison of why it is much advisable to use fast trains to the heart of Scotland rather than fly to the northern UK territory.

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AirBnb: Why I decided to use this in Scotland (plus discount code!)

Hey guys!

Here’s another post for my UK 2016 series.


So we visited Scotland for 2 days and 1 night. And for the accommodation, we decided to stay at Susan and Andrew’s Top of the Royal Mile, a flat at Upper Bow, Edinburgh.

We initially had Ibis hotels in mind for this stay, but for our September 13-14 trip, we were booking this on September 10. It was really late and the hotel prices have skyrocketed. I remembered Mem saying that her friend used AirBnb in Paris and my Boss said he also used it in Scotland. One of my fangirl friends was also in Scotland the week before and her family also used AirBnb. So without thinking twice, I logged into AirBnb and searched available accommodations. Since I didn’t do any research on Edinburgh, I decided to use the station we’ll be alighting from (Waverley) and also my friend’s place (which, unfortunately, was no longer available) as reference.

Susan and Andrew’s flat seemed the perfect place, on the map.


When we got to the flat, it indeed, was pretty much close to everywhere. The plan was only to explore Edinburgh city anyway, so this is a good location already.

The flat is pretty spacious. Were were 4 adults and the flat has 1 room. But you can easily pull off a bedroom with the common room. Take note though that we only have one overnight bag each.

There were also reading materials in the flat, and I found this booklet on the walking tours of Edinburgh. I decided to pick that one up because we’re not planning to leave the capital city anyway. And I have always loved walking through and to beautiful places so that wasn’t a problem.

If you’re planning to use AirBnb for the first time, please use this link. It will give you P1,517 ($30) in travel credit (and will give me the same amount too!). You’ll need to sign up to AirBnb to claim it.


UK 2016: To come and immerse


There’s a reason why, despite being bitten by the travel bug, I don’t travel to other places. I had my goal and long-time dream of setting foot in the United Kingdom. I’ve dreamed of it since high school and finally here it is, within reach.

On this post, I will share the summary of activities I did when I was in the United Kingdom. I spent a good 22 days there, and though most of the time I was only in my Aunt’s house, I was able to explore the generic tourist places.

  1. Harvester, a British Pub
  2. Hall Place
  3. Trafalgar Square, Buckingham Palace, and the various trains of London
  4. Hop-on, Hop-off Bus, Cruising the Thames, and Chinatown
  5. Madame Tussauds, London Eye
  6. Wimbledon and Harrods
  7. Camden Town, Borough Market, Royal Albert Hall, Picadilly Circus, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child
  8. The Making of Harry Potter
  9. Taking the Train to Edinburgh
  10. Edinburgh, Scotland
  11. AirBnB and Why I Decided to Use It
  12. Abbey Road, Portobelo Market, British Museum

Also, you can find my application for visa over here.

UK: Multiple Tourist Visa (With Invitation)


This time, I finally realized my dream of traveling to the United Kingdom. I’ve delayed this trip for a year, and finally here I am, writing about the requirements to get that one hurdle to setting foot in my travel destination topnotcher: the VISA.

For this trip, I will be traveling with my Mom, and we were invited and will be supported by my Aunt who is a British Citizen. You can get information online about the requirements when you do visit the country on your own. But since there’s only a few who write information about trips that are sponsored, here’s my contribution to that lot.

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