UK 2016: Virgin Trains to Edinburgh

On our last week in the UK, my Aunt decided that we visit Scotland for an overnight stay in the city of Edinburgh.

My Aunt initially suggested we take the plane to Scotland since the tickets are cheap via EastJet, however, her passport has expired. Although she is a British citizen, she wasn’t sure whether she needs the passport for domestic flights. It didn’t help that all the people she asked have mixed answers. Does any of my readers know? In any case our trip has passed, but it would be helpful for future reference!

So, we decided to take the train to Edinburgh despite the long travel time. A few weeks later, I received this email from Virgin Trains comparing the two options when going to the Scottish city. And obviously they also prefer to take the trains!

Credit: Virgin Train email

Other than my ears closing up whenever we pass through a tunnel, it’s a comfortable ride. It was also quiet as it’s mandatory to keep conversations to a hush. I missed that because the Tube was always noisy. I remember in my trip to Japan, even phone conversations are not allowed on the train. I slept through half of the trip because it was an early start, the rest of it I spent admiring the landscapes and sipping my coffee.

I wanted to get that but you’re not allowed. I can’t say why though.

This was really gorgeous. We saw it from far away and waited until it was really close before taking pictures. Too bad I was half asleep and everything whizzed by so fast I couldn’t set the proper specifications for this shot. I literally just put Sports on and clicked away.

This one is from Newcastle on our way back to London the following afternoon.

Any train stories enroute to Edinburgh from London? Share it in the comments below!


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