From Filipino to English to Korean to Japanese. From the Philippines to South Korea to Japan. To many other languages. To many other countries. My dream is to witness diversity at its finest, and to see beauty among things.

It has always been a dream of mine to learn languages other than Filipino and English. To speak one fluently. I used to open lesson books in French and Spanish as a child. But not being able to use this in everyday life, I struggled a lot retaining the words. I used to think that I can mimic an accent, but French nor Spanish series never really struck me. I don’t even know anyone whose French or Spanish in real life.


To make the long long long story short, I got exposed to Asian cultures in high school and I self-taught Korean and Japanese. It became a lot easier since I followed a lot of KPop and a lot of JPop and a lot of KMovies, KDramas, JMovies and JDoramas. It was a blast and I got to mimic the accent and retain my learnings, little by little. Hangeul was easier, but I cannot read Japanese – not even Hiragana – to save my life. I can, however, understand more Japanese than Korean.

I am in love with traveling and exploring the world that was not exposed to me as a growing kid. I am working very hard just to pack up a suitcase and walk the alleys of London and Paris and New York and Tokyo and Seoul. It’s a long term love affair that I wish to fulfill before 30.

I’m very spontaneous and that sometimes causes me problems. When I say spontaneous, it often means that I say the wrong words at the wrong times, most of the time. HAHA.

That’s why I decided to write a blog. I hate it when thoughts cloud my head and I’m not able to express them. Writing sets me free that’s why a blog is rather useful. Currently, I’m working for an international Engineering, Procurement, and Construction Management company, yet I’m still trying to get myself into grooming – make-up, fashion, etc.

Anyway, I hope that you, reader, will enjoy reading around here as much as I enjoyed writing them. I understand it is a bit all over the place – but I guess this is just me being me sometimes.

Arigatou! Kamsahamnida! Salamat! Thank you!


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello,

    My name is Sam Marquit, I am an independent ‘green’ contractor and co-author of Fair Marquit Value I am wondering if you’re interested in featuring me on your blog because I would love a chance to speak with your readers about the idea of environmentally responsible tourism as it’s applied in modern day travel and stay.

    If you think this topic, or any other for that matter, would be of interest to your readers, please let me know and I can begin drafting up something that I believe will mesh with your blog very well.

    I look forward to hearing back from you; hopefully we can work together on spreading the word on important topics like this as they relate to environmental awareness!

    I look forward to hearing from you,


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