Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh is a beautiful city, in a gothic kind of way.

When I was younger, I loved the dark beauty of goth culture, but used it without justice.

Anyway, this post will not be about that but will be about a tour you can do in the city proper of Edinburgh.

We reached Scotland from England via Virgin Trains. Here is a graphical comparison of why it is much advisable to use fast trains to the heart of Scotland rather than fly to the northern UK territory.

from Virgin Train’s mails

We departed from King’s Cross Station (the very King’s Cross of Harry Potter, except not in film haha) early in the morning. We arrived when the station was still closed because we were trying to avoid the traffic driving there.

Our train ride took about 5 hours and we alighted at Edinburgh Waverley.

I’ve written here about the place we stayed at in Edinburgh and also has a discount code if you decide to use AirBnb (which I obviously highly recommend).

When you don’t plan on leaving Edinburgh, like you don’t have the time to ride the bus or tour the highlands or further inland, you can actually just do a walking tour of the place.

You can choose to do both on the same day, or over the course of two days if you follow our itinerary. During this trip, I traveled with my Aunt (physically fit, lived in England for the past 16 years), her husband (undergoes dialysis three times a week, diabetic), and my Mom (not very fit, can walk far, not very tolerant of cold).

When we were in Scotland, it was 16°C as compared to the 25°C of London the day before.

After checking in at our place, we started the walking tour.

The places we visited during this walking tour include St. Giles Cathedral, Holyrood Palace, Scottish Parliament, Our Dynamic Earth, Cowgate, the inspiration of Diagon Alley, a bit of Grassmarket, and then the Hub.

Watch out for the architecture when walking along the Royal Mile. I haven’t been to any other capital in Europe except London, but this is really worth the anticipation, I guess.

Holyrood Palace is the official residence of the The queen when in Scotland. I’ve been obsessing about BBC series these days and I can relate to the grandeur of this one. Too bad I couldn’t get a peek inside, but I’ll definitely be back to check it out.

This looks very familiar. 🙂

This is right in front of the doorstep to our AirBnb place.

The second day our walking tour was a bit easy because there was light shower and the temperature was lower at 13°C.

We passed through Edinburgh Castle, Grass Market, Greyfriar’s Church, Bobby’s monument, National Gallery, Scott Monument, and Calton Hill.

I like statues like this. Greyfriar’s Bobby reminds me of the Akita Inu, Hachiko, in Shibuya. Both have stories of loyalty even after the death of their owners until their own deaths.

This came as a surprise to me actually as I didn’t know this was in Scotland. I thought Harry Potter was born in England but they say – at least this cafe – claims he was born in Scotland. HAHA

Finally Calton Hill. It was too windy and drizzling and foggy I want to go back and see what can be seen from this vantage point.

It was an amazing walk through gothic inspired architecture and history. I’d definitely go back again and go farther inland and highland.


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