Oh my. I literally lost ALL my files. T_T

I’ve been using my laptop a.k.a. Jaejoong for the past year. All my important files are in it -only a few have hard copies, or copies stored in CD’s. I never thought that I’d be reformatting Jaejoong and that all my files would go “bye-bye”. Darn.

So there goes all my treasured Super Junior files, there goes all my Dong Bang Shin Gi files, there goes my Big Bang files, all k-pop and j-pop. Everything. Nothing was left. T_T

What caused all of these? Simple. A virus named “countdown.” You start up your computer, and it all does well. when you reach your desktop, the moment all your icons come out -the dialogue box would appear and the laptop shuts down before you can even say “Wait!”

Suggestion to everybody, please take good care of your precious computers and make back-up copies of all your files. You never know what will happen the moment a virus gets in it. Too bad I learned my lesson this way -it makes me sick.

So yeah, I’m back at collecting files -starting from scratch again. Anyone who’d be so kind enough, please donate files here! Thank you and take care!


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