A Heaven in the Center of the City

It has been almost 2-weeks since I came back from my vacation. I’m too lazy to type in my stories from my trip. But don’t get me wrong, I found Singapore a very pleasant country. Except for the cruelly changing weather conditions (rainy today, sunny the next, rainy the next, next and so on), I couldn’t complain about anything else.

The place is literally clean and green. Before flying out of dear Philippines, I thought Singapore would be filled of high-rise buildings here and there. This must be true in central Singapore, but even there huge trees and green plants litter the surroundings. Even if the temperature is exceedingly hot, the air provided by the green plants suffice. Otherwise, people would have suffocated and died. XD But that’s not the case.

One of my favorite places in Singapore will be the Japanese Garden. ย Being a nature lover myself, and a self-proclaimed Japanese culture fan, the Japanese Garden was like an introduction for me on what to expect when I decide to visit Japan in the far future.

Here is one photo I’ve taken.

Japanese Garden, July 2010

Pretty neat, yes? ย I’m planning to go back to Singapore next year, or even sooner than that. There are still a lot of places I need to visit. Somehow, my two weeks were not enough. I’ll blog on another places ones I get my hands on editing them.

Till next time!


Singapore in July

I’m currently in Singapore, and I’ll be staying for two weeks. Singapore is like a dream come true. Lots of high rise buildings, similar to apartment complexes. But there are nearby parks and lots of green around. There are lots of shopping centers, you’ll never grow tired of shopping.

Then there’s the train. Everywhere is within reach because of the train service. ๐Ÿ˜€ You’re never too far away.

I’m walking everyday, and I’m starting to love it more. It’s very clean here. Even if there’s a lot of cars, there’s no smoke. And people are jogging all day.

I’ll try to update again with lots of pictures. But for now, this is a short update of my life. ๐Ÿ˜€ Have fun everyone!

at Esplanade overlooking the Merlion