DUMP: Korean Dramas I Am Watching

Since the end of the school year, I’ve been spending a lot of time at home watching things. I couldn’t do it when school was ongoing since I have to prepare lectures, check papers and exams even at home so I treat the summer break as a special time for my K-drama thirst.

Here’s a list of dramas I’m currently watching!

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SOUTH KOREA 2013 Day 3: Bukchon, Gyeongbuk Goong, Cheonggyecheon, and Lotte World

Quick summary of this day’s adventure: Day 3: Bukchon Hanok Village, passed by Seoul’s Little Manila, Hyehwa Cathedral, Late lunch at one of Hyehwa’s tiny but high restaurant, Gyeongbukgoong Palace, Lotte World

We went for an early morning venture to Bukchon Hanok Village, for a traditional Korean village feel, as well as stop by the famed Sanggojae house. Upon leaving Anguk station, we walked straight ahead looking for the information booth. But we were there early (booth opens at 10:00 if I am not mistaken). Good thing a Korean student who speaks fluent English was walking by and she helped us get directions to the village (“Go straight until you see a green pharmacy, turn left, then,” pointing at the map I was holding, “go straight here, when you see this, turn right, straight ahead. At the end of it is the Sanggojae.”) She was so sweet she even told us she was the walking map of the area. (shout out to you!!) So we followed her directions but I guess I missed the turn right part, and turned left instead. My friend and I kind of walked aimlessly – getting lost and following a bunch of tourists who clearly were not looking for the Sanggojae, haha – until FINALLY we saw the house number. You can check my post here for a more detailed (and easier!) way of locating Sanggojae.

Minho oppa!.. was here.

Minho oppa!.. was here.

#43 is a corner lot

#43 is a corner lot



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SOUTH KOREA 2013 Day 1: Arrival, Petite France, Nami Island, Jung-gu, Dongdaemun

A little over a year ago, I went to South Korea for 4 days and 4 nights (we arrived at night). It was an amazing trip, and it was one to cross out from my bucket list. I would love to go back, though, and vist the Boseong Tea Garden – yes I still want to visit that spot I swore I would visit but didn’t really have the chance to. In a longer vacation, maybe. But for now, on with the commentary!

On our arrival, it was surprisingly cold. From the airport, we went directly to our guesthouse which was located in Jongno-5. We took the Bus from the airport and alighted a good 3 minutes from the guesthouse. It’s called KimChee Dongdaemun Guesthouse and you can check more about them on this site. Note, however, that the area is filled with red-light bars. Although we didn’t witness anyone actually “selling” doors and windows were filled with erotic posters of women.

We had dinner (midnight snack) at the closest 24-hour restaurant, one that we did not bother returning to. HAHA. There were drunk men on the streets, but I guess the good thing about it is that they were just minding their own business. You know just… drunk-talking?

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Guide to Visiting Sanggojae

This post was created in April 2013, but posted late due to busy schedule.

For those who don’t know, Sanggojae is the house featured in Lee Minho and Son Yejin drama, Perfect Match / Personal Preference.


It’s a Hanok (traditional) house in Bukchon Hanok Village, a little bit South East of Gyeongbukgung Palace. This is basically a walking distance (Korean standard) but you might want to ride the subway since both places will require you to not only walk a lot, but hike as well.

Bukchon Hanok Village is pretty much tricky since the house numbers are not chronological. There’s a street sign saying from 1 – 42 but no sign will tell you where number 43 is. Number 43 by the way, is Sanggojae, or at least what it’s called in the drama.

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[Review] Gu Family Book: Thoughts after 20

from AsianMediaWiki

from AsianMediaWiki


I thought so! Right after Kang Chi said that they should meet again, I felt that the ending would be like that. And it was like that.

What surprised me, though, was that they stuck to the premise of one dying because of the other. It was bittersweet but I’m glad they were at least able to stand their ground and make the “fate” happen.

Even if after each episode I was ranting how things aren’t really logical, it’s like the next episode hears my rants and just explains everything – then makes things logical again.


from MnetWave

from MnetWave

Let me just emphasize the story arc of Wol Ryung (Choi JinHyuk was pure awesome in his smiling eyes AND in his evil identity crisis) and Seo Hwa (who was pretty Yeon Hee and gorgeous Se Ah). Their story was just so beautiful but so painful. Even with just a few episodes, a story of deceit, misunderstanding, betrayal, and sacrifice was all because of love. Theirs is basically a simplified version of how love stories are, minus of course the myths and massacre. I definitely missed them when their story came a close. I was glad that I was given that chance to see them be given a chance to close their story.

It was a rather long journey with the Gu Family Book. A roller coaster ride that at the end of the day, everyone still managed to have a happy ending.

I won’t anymore go into much detail of the acting – except that Cheong Jo was awesome in the climax of her arc, and I just wish Yeo Wool’s character was given more dimension.

With all these, I will give this drama a 9 out of ten. What did you guys think?


[Review] That Winter, The Wind Blows (Episode 1)

That winter the wind blows poster


It’s a season late that I am watching this drama with Jo Insung and Song Hyegyo as the leads.

It’s pretty amazing how this drama is making Winter in Korea look breathtakingly beautiful. I was in Seoul earlier this month, and though it’s technically Spring already (and despite the brutal cold for someone from the tropics) I regret not being there earlier in the year.

Then again, this drama is not just about the cinematography – although it presents colors and blurs and broken backgrounds splendidly. I think the beauty of the backdrop used in this drama was to compensate Youngie’s blindness. And to also make us – with the eyes that see – appreciate how beuatiful life really is, despite the ups and downs that we experience.

I refused to watch the movie version of this drama because the poster was too sad to look at. And come to think of it, the drama poster for That Winter was also too sad that I refused to watch it. Anyway, so far the story is working it’s way slowly.

While building the characters of Oh Soo and Oh Young, I came to realize that the drama is taking its time to make the viewers understand the personalities of the two at the same time build the complications around them.

But the evil of Secretary Wang is confusing. I’m guessing she wants to take over PL Group but she can’t do anything about it since she’s technically a stranger in the family.

Anyway, I still have a long way to go for this drama. It’s attractively short with only 16 episodes – well compared to other dramas nowadays at 20 or 24.

What about you guys? What do you think?


[Review] The Innocent Man – 100th Post

Because this is my 100th post, i decided to give it to this sort of awesome drama. I intended to give this honorable post to The Princess’ Man, but the review writing is taking longer than I expected and my blog was expecting a post.

taken from Wikipedia

taken from Wikipedia

And they finally close it at episode 20, overlooking a river of some sort in some secluded provincial town. Which I happen to like the colors that they used.

I am not going to write an extensive review (like the one I’m preparing for The Princess’ Man) but more of a reaction paper to this melodrama that piqued my interest and reasoning in real life.

I started off ranting on this drama until episode 8 when the story pretty much circled around EunGi’s hatred to the world, MaRu’s vengeful self, JaeHui’s ambitiousness and pretty much everyone’s attempt at keeping their so-called rightful place in society, while at the same time making the sane characters crazy. Then it took off when EunGi lost her memory and became this cheerful and bright chic in long skirts and pretty boots.

Then I was pretty much watching it.

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