[ITAEWON] How to go to YMC Office / Swing Entertainment

YMC Entertainment is home to KPop artists Wanna One, Ailee and Jessi among many others. Located at the quieter side of Itaewon, it’s one of the more accessible agencies if you ever want to visit.

Usually, the entrance is filled with fangirls and I’m actually curious how they know Wanna One is inside. We spent some time at the coffee shop and surprisingly, there are no fangirls outside. Although we’ve seen quite a few inside the cafe.

On another note, it was a Saturday and Seongwu was at Music Core.

This is just a guide how to visit the office, PLEASE DO NOT INCONVENIENTLY WAIT OUTSIDE THE OFFICE.

And with that said, let’s go to the instructions!

We’ll be using the map below as a guide:

1. You’d want to head over to Itaewon station first, on Line 6.

2. Use Exit 4. Exiting from exit 4 will give you this view. Following the arrow will lead you to a big street. Don’t cross it, just go down the road.

Go down this road until you reach the big intersection.

The big intersection looks like this.

3.  Continue down the road to your right. This is the Antique Furniture Street of Itaewon.

From here, you can cross to the other side and continue down the road.

4. Go down this road until you reach the road bend. Turn to your left. From here you can already see K.2.1.2 which is the restaurant at the ground floor of YMC’s building.

One thing I realized going here is that the reason why there are no fans outside was because Wanna One  probably has no plans of going to the office. They had a fansign that day so they probably went from the dorm to the shop then straight to the fansign venue. I was hoping I’d see Mr. Tae Jin-ah but even he wasn’t there. LOL

Let me know in the comments if you’ve tried the coffee shop! We’ve had lunch before we went there so we only tried their coffee (iced caramel macchiato for me, my own Seoul staple).


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