Driver’s License Renewal – LTO Robinson’s Lipa

2018 marked the year of my third driver’s license renewal, and this year I decided to do it at the Land Transportation Office (LTO) branch in Robinson’s Lipa. The branch aims to ease the number of people crowding the regional branch in Concepcion.

This branch is actually pretty small, and only caters to application for Student Permit, and renewal of Driver’s and Conductor’s license.

For this post, I’ll be talking about the process and throw some tips to make your renewal easier, and probably faster.

My mom always says “The early bird catches the early worm.”

With that in mind, I made the trip to Robinson’s early in the morning, arriving at the mall premises a few minutes after 8am. You’d want to make use of the side entrance – facing Mary Mediatrix Hospital. This is directly in front of the supermarket, which opens at 8am.

The guard will ask you to register because the mall is not yet opened. They’ll check your bag per usual protocol. Upon entering, make your way to the right side, and go to the 2nd floor using the escalator (you have to climb up, it’s not yet working at this hour).

LTO is right beside the Department of Foreign Affairs.

Now, why would you want to go there early?

LTO itself does not begin processing until 10am, when the mall opens. But there are already employees inside, per government operating hours. They would give you the renewal form, where you can fill out the necessary information for your license.

License renewal requires a medical check – height, weight, optical test, and blood pressure check. In the mean time, this is what you can do. The clinic accredited by LTO is right beside their office and they open at 8am. The medical exam fee is Php300.00. I went there around 8:15am, and I was the second client. It’ll finish in around 5 minutes depending on how long you’ll take the optical test.

After finishing the medical exam, you can either wait in front of LTO until 10am, or you can step out and return at 10am.

I decided to spend the next hour and a half to grab some iced coffee and watch Suits. *wink/wink*

SO. The LTO process:

Upon returning, here’s the process:

  1. Submit your license card, filled-out form and medical results at the desk outside the office.
  2. You will be called for a photo and signature at Window 2 (don’t worry this is not yet the one they’ll use in the license card).
  3. After #2, you will be asked to pay at Window 3. The renewal fee is P653.00 per breakdown below. Don’t forget to keep the receipt! Don’t ever throw it away.
  4. Wait again at the waiting area until you are called to go inside.
  5. When called, your picture will be taken (no teeth, must show ears, no stray hair on face – remember, license card is good for 5 years now!)
  6. You’ll sign digitally here too. Don’t worry, they’ll ask you to check your signature. You can repeat it as many times as you want – because this is Identification you can use and the signature is an important part of it.
  7. Next they’ll ask you to check the details they input in the system. These will all appear in you card so make sure all details are correct.
  8. Once your card is printed, they’ll give it to you, sign the log book and you’re done!

You can complete all of these in less than 30 minutes, without the waiting time. Just make sure to plan everything out.

Here’s the cost breakdown.

Like I said, I went there early for the medical exam. When I returned, I went straight to the LTO desk while other people were bunched up in the medical clinic. Technically, I finished my renewal in less than 1 hour.

Let me know your experiences in applying at the LTO Branch in Lipa! Also, if you have better experience elsewhere. πŸ™‚


3 thoughts on “Driver’s License Renewal – LTO Robinson’s Lipa

  1. Good day.
    Thanks alot. It will be a big help.
    I was actually searching for an accredited hospital.
    Good thing, i was able to read you post.
    Have a great day.

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