SOUTH KOREA 2016: Insadong

This is not part of my Seoul Travel Tips series, but I wanted to write it anyway. 🙂

When I went to Seoul solo last year, I made sure I have at least one new tourist place I visit that’s convenient and memorable.

It’s easy to get to Insadong as long you don’t miss the street where you turn left from the station.


You can reach Ssamziegil, situated in the heart of Insadong, from Anguk Station, exit 6. Upon exit, continue to that direction until you reach Insadong-gil. Turn left here. You know you’re in the right direction when you see stores selling souvenirs littering both sides of the street.

Walk on until you reach Ssamziegil. It should be on your left side, and you really can’t miss it.

This street is safe for walking because vehicles generally slow down as you go deeper. They’re not allowed completely during the weekends.

I chose Ssamziegil because it’s a trademark and I had been interested in the architecture of it ever since I’ve heard of the continuous corridor that spirals the whole structure.

And as I have mentioned in my previous blog, going around Ssamziegil is interesting enough. Prices could be steep here and the selections are very limited.

Depending on the season, you can also check out their exhibitions. When I was there, tons of couple letters and stuff like these hanging along the walls and overhead.

Since you’re already in Insadong, go through the other stores that are along the street. They have more choices and you can have higher chances of bargaining there.

You can also find as you go deeper Starbucks that has its signage written in Hanggul. It was, for the longest time, the only Starbucks branch which has its name not written in English. I’m not sure if there are any other places that has Starbucks written in the country’s alphabet.

And if you’re lucky enough, at the end of it you can also see a mini festival with dancing and traditional instruments being played.



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