Getting NBI Clearance (Batangas City Branch)

Hi Guys!

For this article, I am going to share with you the experience I had from getting my first NBI Clearance, written in an open letter.

The NBI Clearance is sometimes a requirement for when you travel abroad, and a mandatory requirement for people who plan on working abroad.

You can check the website of NBI for the instructions and request of clearance here. It is said that effective December 27, 2016, you can no longer transact without an online appointment.


This article will be about my experience in getting my NBI Clearance from the Batangas City Branch.

Dear NBI Batangas City Branch,

I completed the forms on the website and chose online payment. Because, when I go through your website there’s no option to pay onsite.

Apparently, I can still do so at the NBI Batangas City branch. Which is actually what made your process longer for those who paid online – with premium on online payment and all that.

Now the website tells me that I don’t have to print out the confirmation page. I can either write the reference number on a piece of paper or screen shot the page with the reference number. For your branch, I have to make sure I have the reference number with my name on hard copy. I will definitely need that.

The process for online payment is actually pretty simple:


  1. Go to the Batangas City Branch at Capitol Hills, Batangas City
  2. Drop the paper with Reference number and my complete name on a box provided at Window 3.
  3. Wait until my name is called.
  4. Line up wherever my name was called (Window 2 or 3).
  5. Check my details on the screen, take my biometrics (all fingers), take my picture (you can smile!), and then sign electronically.
  6. Go to “Window 4” and wait for the release of my NBI Clearance.

This is typically the process wherein if I look at it, can take up to a maximum of 1 hour. But no, I did mine in 5 hours, sans lunch.

The waiting time actually took 4 hours, step 4 to 5 took 15 minutes, release took 5 minutes. The reason behind this being you alternately call out the walk-in applicants with those online applicants. I mean, if you’re going to put slots on your online website, and a schedule at the applicant’s convenience, at least have the decency to accommodate us during our choice of schedule.

The first time I went to this branch, my schedule was in the afternoon, so I went there at around 2pm. You told me I didn’t make the cut-off. I was frustrated because I have the schedule, and I was even on leave from work. But I let it slide because one of your people there said that you won’t consider even if I have a schedule with the NBI website, a cut-off is a cut-off. Because if you will accommodate me, you won’t be able to go home on time. (WT-)


So the next time I scheduled, I chose morning and arrived at 10am. This was how and why I probably waited for 5 hours. Some people arrived at 12nn and it was already the cut off. You told them they can show up the next day. One lady complained that she scheduled in the afternoon specifically because that was when she was available. She has a point of course, I think she went inside your office but I din’t see her anymore after that.

Someone also asked you if his name wasn’t called yet because he has been waiting since 8:30am (it was 1.30pm already) and that all his companions were already called and have gone home. One of the men inside said that some people even came as early as 7:30am and were still there. LIKE WHAT DOES THIS SAY ABOUT YOUR PROCEDURE! I mean he was saying that non-chalantly which maybe annoyed everyone else more, including me.

Anyway, I totally understand if you’re still accommodating the walk-in payments. Some people can’t afford the premium of paying online. I know I hesitated, but if that would make my process a little bit quicker, I was willing to pay that. But NO. I probably waited longer than the walk-ins. At least have a separate procedure for those who have paid online. You’re even saying to return the next day but this can actually pile up the people coming for that specific schedule. The people have a schedule of their own. And I am saying this also because I’ve been told that at other branches, you can finish this requirement in less than an hour. I hope that your branch doesn’t think that just because you’re a requirement you can boss people around – this is abuse of power and I’m pretty sure this isn’t what the Duterte Administration is all about.

If you’re reading this, please feel free to correct any wrong notions I have. Please feel free to let me know if I am wrong or if I misunderstood anything as I am sure I am not the only one.

With all due respect,

A patron


5 thoughts on “Getting NBI Clearance (Batangas City Branch)

  1. Sobrang nakakarelate. Last year and this year, SAME reason sila na kesyo may nkapila p dun simula umaga, kaya bumalik n lng dw ako ng monday Kase CUT off na. WhAt???? Afternoon session ako then lunch cut off sila. I can’t really understand their set up. Bakit sila mgbibigay ng schedule or slots available kung hndi nila accommodate,sabi nya 700 p dw ang pending and mag wait daw ako. But the afternoon session is 300 in the website and 300 in the morning. This is because, they let the scheduled appointment to be done some other day that’s why people pile up!!!!

  2. ..sobrang tagal marelease ng nbi ko bkt nmn po ganun ang alm ko 3 to 7 lng yun ung skin march 28 2018 kmi pumunta ung sa kasama ko saglit lng ako babalik ng april 17 ..sobrang tagal nmn nun..

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