SOUTH KOREA 2015 Day 6: (Oh Gosh the memories of Day 6!!!): M Plaza, Ehwa Womans University and Café J Holic

This is the last day we’ll be spending in Korea, and we made sure we covered a lot of places.

day6 4

The last time I went to Korea, my sister teased me that I did not even try wearing a hanbok – Korea’s traditional clothing. I actually forgot about it, to be honest.

So this time, the two of us made sure to try wearing them. We did at M Plaza, located beside the ZARA store in MyeongDong. They open at exactly 10:30am, and they have limited slots. We went up at around 10:35 and were given the 10:50 slot.

day6 2

You can wear the hanboks and take pictures of it for 10 minutes. It’s actually just enough for you to enjoy the clothing.

day6 1

After that, we hopped on the train and went to Ehwa Womans University. I have plans of enrolling to this school – I’m still developing a master plan – but the atmosphere was really enough for me to dream it big.

day6 3

day6 5

We went through the Ehwa Fashion Street, and though I wasn’t really able to look at Hongdae’s fashion street, I think Hongdae has a bigger selection of clothings. They have SPAO and Forever 21 to begin with. HAHA.

After Ehwa, we went back to MyeongDong to finally eat at Café J Holic. Since my ultimate bias is serving his sweet time in the army, this was the closest place I can get to him.

day6 6

day6 7

You get a signed plastic when you purchase. It’s like the plastic container of the receipt. We also got a sort of loyalty card that they will stamp whenever you buy drinks.

day6 8

At the first floor of the building of Café J Holic, you can buy the infamous Honey Butter Chips that has sent probably the whole of Korea to a frenzy. Even your top idols are craving for the snack. And of course, I didn’t pass up the opportunity to hoard 3. Just three, because I don’t think it’ll fit into our luggage anymore. T_T I regretted that a lot because when I tried the chips, yes, they were really good. And yes, you will really crave for it.


After buying the last few items of pasalubong for family at SPAO (record-breaking 15 minutes of shopping for Mom, Dad, and Kuya) we went back to the guesthouse, re-packed our hand carry, and boarded the bus to the airport.

The last activity was to claim tax refund and I will write about that in another post (if I get around to it, huhu).

We bid good bye to Korea (with a number of things in mind because Day6 had a gig at Hongdae that same night), and of course, promised to go back again!



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