SOUTH KOREA 2015 Day 3: Big Hit, SM Entertainment, FNC Entertainment, JYP Ent, Cube Ent, Cube Café, Itaewon, TS Entertainment (plus Instructions), MyeongDong

That is a mouthful of a title.

Where it all happened.. ^_^

Where it all happened.. ^_^

We have prepared ourselves for a rather looooong walk for this day because we will be agency-hopping. We didn’t schedule anything else for the day. It was purely K-Pop day! I will apologize ahead of time as most of the pictures will contain my sister, as this was her day. If you know what I mean. Haha.

Edit! Cube Entertainment has moved to a different location. See bottom of this post.

To start off, my sister found an updated instruction of how to go to BigHit Entertainment here. We just followed the directions, took some pictures, then proceeded to Cheongdamdong. We were at Sinsa station early, and no one was really around the area of Big Hit’s building. There were two middle-school-looking girls who arrived while we were shooting my sister’s dance video but they left soon after. Note that Big Hit doesn’t exclusively own the building, so you can enter it without much problem. But of course, you can only go up to the lobby. You can already take “proof shots” there anyway.

literally street vandal Hate the World

literally street vandal Hate the World

outside Big Hit's Office

outside Big Hit’s Office

The station we used is Apgujeong Rodeo Cheongdam, Exit 2 9.


This area houses the most number of agencies, but we only visited SM Entertainment, FNC Entertainment, JYP Entertainment, and Cube Entertainment. SM and FNC are almost right beside each other, while JYP and Cube are roughly just across the street from each other.

We got instructions to these places from here. It’s detailed and relatively easy to understand. And while walking down Apgujeong-ro, be entertained by the Gangnamdol!



And some street wraps that are arguably very artsy.

street fashion

my sister trying a “blogger style” photo shoot. >:O HAHA


From the train station, SM and FNC are farther so we went there first. We passed by FNC, and took a few pictures. There were vans parked outside but we sort of just passed by. FNC houses FT Island, CN Blue, AOA, N. Flying, Juniel and other artists. I don’t really follow these artists but I like FT Island and I used to really like AOA Black. Sooooo, we sort of just took pictures and continued on to SM.


From FNC, you can use the parking lot of SM as your path, or you may continue to the end of the street and turn right. About 20 steps or so, you’ll be in the front of SM’s Building.

front view of the new SM building

front view of the new SM building

There weren’t much of fans waiting outside, much to my surprise. When I watch sightings of EXO in front of SM, there usually is a huge crowd of fans waiting. So we just waited a few minutes, and rested as well, in front of SM where a neighborhood park is situated.

park sm

excuse the crappy quality hehe

About an hour later, while having lunch at Dunkin Donuts, I found out they flew out to Shanghai for a concert. Tough luck.

We passed by FNC again, and saw Seolhyun leaving in her idol van! First sighting of the day. Haha. I only know her because I sort of watched Orange Marmalade by chance while on a seminar for work. She’s pretty tall, but I think she looked rather skinny compared to her sexier advertisement photos. A few other probable trainees also entered the building, but we didn’t recognize them. A few Japanese fans who were also there probably knew them because they started whispering to themselves.

After that, we went back to where that street started. Actually, when you make the left turn from Dosand-daero 85-gil, the first street to your right will lead you to JYP. So, if you’ll be coming from FNC and SM, it should be the last street to your left, before the main road. The street is called Apgujeong-ro 79-gil. JYP building is on your left and the street to Cube, on your right, same side as Dunkin Donuts. Cube Café is right next to that street, just continue walking along Apgujeong-ro 79-gil. The café is to your right. Don’t be too overwhelmed by the map. This at most is just a 5-10 minute walk, depending on your pace. Not Korean standard pace which is very, very fast compared to Filipino standards. Just saying, haha.

Here’s a map of the area from hanintel.

points and direction

points and direction

It was almost lunch time when we arrived at the area. We wanted to eat at Cube Café but the place only serves sweets and I wasn’t really willing to have sweets for lunch. Or maybe they have other food, but we just didn’t ask? Anyway. We ended up waiting at Dunkin Donuts which was the better choice since we have this right in front of us:



My sister is a huge fan of Day6, well I am too. Haha. And we’ve always had chance encounters with JYP Nation (see highlights with Got7). So, as my sister puts it, we have that connection with their artists. And apparently, it only gets stronger.

We saw all the members of Day6 right there. Their practice room is in a building just around the corner at Dosan-daero 89-gil. There are stairs to the basement where the members practice their music. It looked like they were practicing by the time we arrived. We were actually standing in front of that area when we were trying to figure out where Cube Café was and we probably missed the girls waiting out front. Yep, there were Day6 fans waiting for the boys to come out. They weren’t even idols! Well, according to Jae… that is.

As an added note, my sister talked to Jae. I was at that age where I’m already contented at looking at them from afar. HAHA. I just waited it out at Dunkin Donuts.

mr park

So after that, we walked on to Cube, took a few pictures and then walked back to JYP.


Because why not. And so we sort of walked by these flashy looking youngsters (by flashy I mean good looking). I think they’re trainees. Of which agency, I am not sure. But my sister thinks one of them is Taeyong from SRB something. I’m not sure, but the boy we walked past was a bit more handsome. And I don’t mean that in a creepy noona way.

EDIT: Okay, so now that they’ve  debuted, I’m pretty sure that it’s really Taeyong from NCT. He was a bit rounder on the edges when we saw him, but the good looking face was that.

Hyped from this adventure, we went to Itaewon where we just sort of walked around. I was not ready to explore food other than Korean so it was pretty hard to look for that in Itaewon. Why we went there to grab Korean food, don’t ask me. It just so happens that Itaewon was a station away from Hangangjin where we’d be spending the next few hours fangirling.

After eating at Holly’s Coffee, we hopped on the train and moved on to TS Entertainment. You can get to TS using this set of instructions (Note that there are two exit two’s. You can use the exit to your right and walk around the theatre, and in front of it



to the parking lot. You will arrive at the other side of the bridge which is the stairs, and not the ramp as shown in the picture). When you get down from the stairs, walk towards the alley between Harley Davidson and the car showroom. Continue up and at the sort of fork, where the brown building is, go to your right. TS is on the left, parking lot to the right, up ahead, a neighborhood park. It’s not a long walk, and this is probably the agency that we went to that was nearest to the train station.

There were already fans waiting out, unlike the last time we were there. There was also an unnie there who talked to us and gave us milk! HAHA thank you unnie! This is what I like about the Baby fandom. I think everyone really cares not only for the boys, but also for other fans. And I don’t mean that just because of this occurrence. Babyz are generally really nice.


I can’t put up a fan account, but we did see all the members of BAP. I think they went out for dinner right about that time. I sort of wanted to wait for them to come back but it was starting to get cold and I didn’t bring my jacket. I had to use my sister’s because she was more tolerant of the cold. But we can’t risk her getting sick in the middle of our trip; so we decided to go back to MyeongDong where there were more people, and more heat. LOL

Overall, this day was really super! We didn’t really expect to see anyone, but we were hoping that we could see just one. 🙂 It turned out, we saw 13. I really need to see Day6 and BAP live. Theirs are the music I follow closely. They both produce and compose and I really love how they’re passionate about their music more than anything else.

If you have any questions regarding the directions, or Kpop questions in general, just let me know down in the comments and I’ll get back to you within 48 hours.


EDIT! About Cube Entertainment

mapSo, apparently, Cube has moved to a different location. I have not been to the place, so I cannot help you with that. However, here is the map and address I got from Cube Ent’s official site.

7th Floor 83 Achasan-ro, Seongdong-gu, Seoul, 04793








15 thoughts on “SOUTH KOREA 2015 Day 3: Big Hit, SM Entertainment, FNC Entertainment, JYP Ent, Cube Ent, Cube Café, Itaewon, TS Entertainment (plus Instructions), MyeongDong

  1. Hey, I am planning to start from big hit entertainment and I’ll follow the direction from the link that you put. Then, I decided to go to SME afterwards. May I know after u visited Big Hit, which station do you go to get to SME? and how can I reach the subway station? Thanks 😉

    • Hi! We went back to Sinsa station (which was the subway station we used to go to Big Hit). Rode the train again, then got off at Apgujeong Rodeo, Exit 2.
      Happy agency hopping!

      • Pheww Thank God that you reached me before time 😁😁 yea I got like a few weeks more before my vacay to Seoul. Thank you, anyway! Noted 😉😉

      • Wait hold up. Please just read the link I included here. I was reviewing it earlier ’cause I’m planning to go back end of this month and I saw that I got the wrong station. It’s supposed to be Cheongdam Station. I’m really sorry, I don’t know why I keep on mixing up my post. T_T

      • So, that means you start from Sinsa Station, and then after visited Big Hit, you went to Cheongdam Station Exit 9 to go to SME? Is that it? Btw, you’re going to Seoul again by the end of this month? What date bcs I’m going there on 28th 😁😁 Who knows we can meet ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  2. Pingback: South Korea 2015: Our K-Pop Adventure | My Little Heaven on Earth

  3. I love your work espacially when you want to know the agences places just to see where your idols work and take photo around the city too.

    I wanted if I can use some of the images here and put it as a reference in a Fanfiction video. I’ll credit you dont worry. If you cant I’ll understand.

  4. Wow you see B.A.P. I’m going to Korea this September and planning to stop over to TS Entertainment bldg. How many hours was the travelled time to get there? Are they accepting gifts for the fans? Thank you!

    • It depends on where you’re coming from. But from the station itself, it’s about 5-10mins. No time at all, compared to the other agencies.

      Also, BAP specifically said before that they will no longer receive birthday gifts. You can read more of that here. When we were there, someone wanted to give a gift to Yongguk, but I saw him refuse it and they had a long conversation but Yongguk still did not accept the gift. However, I am pretty sure they still accept letters. I think if you chance upon them, you can give the letter personally.

  5. Hi, do you have any idea on how to go to Around Us Entertaintment? Highlight’s new company. I’ve been trying to get direction there, but im not sure how to go still. Would appreciate your reply 🙂
    Actual address of the company:
    Seoul, Gangnam-gu Apgujeong-ro 79 Gil 37-1 M Building, 06012
    (123-45 Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul)

    • Hello! I checked the address on Google Maps, but I’m also a bit confused since searching for Around US Entertainment brought me to a place near BigHit, but i’m pretty sure that’s wrong. Sorry. But here’s a map using the Korean address from their website.

      Google Map

      You can use the Apgujeong Rodeo Station, use the exit opposite exit 5 (sorry I can’t identify it) and just follow the map. When are you going? I’m posting this within 10 minutes after reading your comment, so maybe I can help you more if there’s still time.


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