151023 How To Get to Banpo Bridge



I missed the fountain show when I first went to Korea in 2013. I can’t miss it this year.

So I asked my sister to search around the net and look for the easiest, most detailed way to get to Hanggang Park. Since the show was still on by the time we are there, we definitely cannot miss it for the world.

A lot of idols and bands have performed in Hanggang Park in the last few months. The Ark had their busking there a few times in May, this one particularly at the Yeouido area

credit as tagged

credits as tagged

And recently in September, Day6 also did a short live performance.

credits as tagged

credits as tagged

Since there was no schedule when we went there, my sister and I decided to just at least see the place, know how to get there, and watch the fountain show. We were early and had to wait for about two hours, but it was already interesting to people-watch.

So, onto the real deal. How to get to the park? My sister found this guide on how to get to the Park, but I will provide a more detailed direction and some pictures to help you.

The station you need to get to is the Express Bus Terminal Station. When you exit the tracks, you’ll get to the underground shopping mall. Don’t get too distracted. But you can actually use this opportunity to hit two birds with one stone: shop for cheap but chic clothing, and go to Hanggang Park to watch the fountain show and just chill.

When you decide to shop first (or use the underground shopping center as your route) follow the direction of the arrows where Exit 7-1 is; enter that and you’ll find the store called Bonita to your right. You go down the shopping aisle, to your left. The exit you can use, instead of 8-1 is Exit 4. When you go up to the street level, “Reborn City” should be behind you. Go straight to the street in front of you (Reborn City should be at the other side, you should be walking away from it). To your right, you will pass by this restaurant that will confirm you’re on the right track.

yup! it says you're on the right track!

yup! it says you’re on the right track!

Keep on walking!

walk to hanggang

About a hundred meters or so, you’ll see this post.

just go on and walk, but don't forget to look for the signs

just go on and walk, but don’t forget to look for the signs

You should be getting near the destination. And finally, there’s a crossing that will lead you to the middle of the street. There should be a tunnel in the middle. This will lead you to the park.


use this crossing to get to the center

yup, this is the right underpass

yup, this is the right underpass

Once you exit the tunnel, to your left is where the floating garden is. If you go a bit straight and turn to your right, the mini amphitheatre is where you can wait for the fountain show.

amphitheater there

amphitheater there

The left side has more interesting places to see, but we only went up to the mini amphitheatre there and then crossed to other side. The fountain show started at 8:00pm and people will start to gather at about 7:30pm. Find yourself a good spot, bring in food and drinks, and be sure to enjoy the night!

Elegant and pretty

Elegant and pretty

Have you been to Banpo Bridge? What activities did you do? Let me know in the comments. Got questions, or confused of the directions? Ask away, and I’ll get back to you within 12 hours!



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