SOUTH KOREA 2015 Day 1: Seoul Touchdown, MyeongDong, and N Seoul Tower

We arrived after lunch in Incheon airport. We changed Pesos and Dollars at the airport because I couldn’t find any good exchange rate in the Philippines and we were running out of time. Also, I needed cash to pay the guesthouse upon our check-in. And the Airport Limousine only takes cash, I believe. I also bought T Money at the convenience store and look what they gave us!

Line T-Money!

Line T-Money!

We stayed at the Namsan Guesthouse 4, which was near the MyeongDong Station (Exit 3, with escalator). It’s a good location because when we shopped, we need not worry about carrying our stuff around the subway – which is a hassle especially since not all stations have escalators. We normally just cross the street from the shopping centers to Sejong Hotel There’s also free food in the common area of the guesthouse – which are just basically your emergency food for when you go hungry. And there’s cable TV but I think the only program we actually watched was Unpretty Rapstar 2 (which played and replayed like repeatedly overnight and into the next morning), and then Sassy GoGo!

Service-wise, they just let you be. I actually prefer our old guesthouse in Dongdaemun because they do room service. Or maybe Namsan does too, but I just didn’t ask? I don’t know. Haha. Anyway, it was still a good place to stay at but I’m willing to try other places in the area despite the hike.

Anyway, after checking in and resettling our things, we went into the shopping district of Seoul and ate our late lunch. Unfortunately, there’s no Lotteria anymore in MyeongDong so we ended up eating at KFC. Yeah, tough luck.

After out late lunch, we decided to roam around MyeongDong and check out the new stores that have appeared. We located Café J Holic – Jaejoong’s café, and decided to pay it a visit the next day.

wait for us Jaejoongie~

At half past 6, we returned to the guesthouse and inquired about how to go to Namsan Tower. The receptionist there told me to just walk straight, turn right at the fork, and continue on. There should be signs pointing to the location of the Namsan Cable Car. When I went there before, we rode a taxi sooooo.. Anyway, we reached this wall along the road and a wide stair case. We followed a bunch of people up the stairs and we arrived at the side of the cable car station. We paid ₩6,000 each for one-way cable car. We will take the very looooong staircase down.

The sad part about over two years ago was that we were joined by the Spring fog. So I wasn’t able to see the tower lighted. We didn’t bother going up the observatory because of the fog as well. But this time, the night sky was clear! Thank you heavens!

oh yeah!

see its colors?!

We got Observatory tickets and appreciated the elevator a-la EXO. HAHA. Apparently, the Observatory deck was the highest post office. I have always wanted to send post cards, so we tried it. A post card costs about ₩1,000 – 2,000 and you need to get a stamp too. Domestic and International stamps vary. I think we spent about ₩500 – 600 for the stamp. As of this writing, our post card hasn’t arrived yet. (Yes, we sent it home to our parents. HAHA). We mailed this on October 22 (our arrival) and received it through post on December 4! My first try on post card apparently takes about a month and a half. HAHA.

fancy ^_^

We didn’t expect the staircase to be that looooong. We amused ourselves by taking pictures laughing at the biting cold of the evening air.

yep.. patience…

And we somehow ended up on the wrong side. We might have missed a turn but thank goodness we followed our gut feel and found the cable car station again and made our way back home.



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