On Trying to Study Abroad

credits: overlawyered.com

credits: overlawyered.com

It has always been my dream to study abroad. When I was younger, some ten to fifteen years ago, I dreamed of flying to UK and living and studying there. 2015 was the year.

I am writing this note in October 2014, with plans of visiting Japan by December. If that pushes through, I shall blog that as well.

Anyway, because of certain professional circumstances and practical financial reasons, I am close to giving up UK in 2015. But then that would mean another one of my professional dreams shattering. I need plan B. UK can wait for me, it will not go anywhere. I can go visit London in 2020 for all that matters, but time is ticking for my overseas education. I will not forever be 23 and mentally and physically fit. There’s a possibility that I burn out and cannot anymore find my inner fire. Besides, who knows, I might settle in a few years if I score myself a decent man (there’s no one yet, so go figure), and by then I can no longer pursue this dream. Again, I need plan B.

It’s been a few months since I began browsing through scholarships for graduate schools overseas. Never have I felt so disheartened because chances are, the requirements are too hard to complete, or just plain impossible for me to complete being from my home country and all. But then I woke up and realized that nothing is really easy in life. I can’t blame neither my nationality nor my financial status. I ended up scolding myself for not moving my ass off the chair and actually doing something for this dream.

With those said, I have officially begun my man hunt for a successful overseas education. Never mind the expensive tuition fees and living expenses. I just have to work my butt off in earning that money and cross my fingers and toes that I score a scholarship. I need to work harder. I need to dream bigger. I need to start somewhere. Let this blog and its readers be the witness of that.



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