[Review] Gu Family Book: Thoughts after 20

from AsianMediaWiki

from AsianMediaWiki


I thought so! Right after Kang Chi said that they should meet again, I felt that the ending would be like that. And it was like that.

What surprised me, though, was that they stuck to the premise of one dying because of the other. It was bittersweet but I’m glad they were at least able to stand their ground and make the “fate” happen.

Even if after each episode I was ranting how things aren’t really logical, it’s like the next episode hears my rants and just explains everything – then makes things logical again.


from MnetWave

from MnetWave

Let me just emphasize the story arc of Wol Ryung (Choi JinHyuk was pure awesome in his smiling eyes AND in his evil identity crisis) and Seo Hwa (who was pretty Yeon Hee and gorgeous Se Ah). Their story was just so beautiful but so painful. Even with just a few episodes, a story of deceit, misunderstanding, betrayal, and sacrifice was all because of love. Theirs is basically a simplified version of how love stories are, minus of course the myths and massacre. I definitely missed them when their story came a close. I was glad that I was given that chance to see them be given a chance to close their story.

It was a rather long journey with the Gu Family Book. A roller coaster ride that at the end of the day, everyone still managed to have a happy ending.

I won’t anymore go into much detail of the acting – except that Cheong Jo was awesome in the climax of her arc, and I just wish Yeo Wool’s character was given more dimension.

With all these, I will give this drama a 9 out of ten. What did you guys think?



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