Back from the Land of the Morning Calm

Apologies for the lack of drama reviews. I know I said I’ll post an extensive review of The Princess’ Man, but apparently, work got busier so I had to drop off on my review half way. But don’t worry; I’m still going to post it up once I’ve reorganized my schedule.

Next, I just returned from my trip to Seoul, South Korea (yes, the land of the K-Dramas and K-Pop) and I will also post about my adventures there. I’m thinking of merging my blogger account here, since that page doesn’t get as much traffic as this one. Plus it’s hard enough as it is to maintain one, what more if I’ll have two.

Worst case scenario is I drop them both – something that I don’t really want to do. Therefore, watch out for my travel posts here as well.

Lastly, I want to let all of you know that Seoul – or South Korea in general – hasn’t raised any higher alert level yet. If you plan on going there, go at your own risk. People will say it’s safe, and South Koreans are acting normal (like nothing is happening, and they have the least care in the world), but trust me, you never want to be caught in a battle or war in a country where too little people speak English.

Stay safe!



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