[Review] The Innocent Man – 100th Post

Because this is my 100th post, i decided to give it to this sort of awesome drama. I intended to give this honorable post to The Princess’ Man, but the review writing is taking longer than I expected and my blog was expecting a post.

taken from Wikipedia

taken from Wikipedia

And they finally close it at episode 20, overlooking a river of some sort in some secluded provincial town. Which I happen to like the colors that they used.

I am not going to write an extensive review (like the one I’m preparing for The Princess’ Man) but more of a reaction paper to this melodrama that piqued my interest and reasoning in real life.

I started off ranting on this drama until episode 8 when the story pretty much circled around EunGi’s hatred to the world, MaRu’s vengeful self, JaeHui’s ambitiousness and pretty much everyone’s attempt at keeping their so-called rightful place in society, while at the same time making the sane characters crazy. Then it took off when EunGi lost her memory and became this cheerful and bright chic in long skirts and pretty boots.

Then I was pretty much watching it.

taken from tumblr.

taken from tumblr.

One line that struck me in this drama is when MaRu said (or was it Atty. Pak? this is what happens when I focus on the subs) that “there is no perfect secret” at one point or another bits and pieces will be revealed until the truth comes out.

Interestingly, the dramatic revelation happened internally, just within the five or six main characters while the turning in of JaeHui to the police happened in less than a minute. I guess it shows how much admitting the truth to the people involved mean so much more than actually admitting it to the law. But then humans are much more forgiving than the law, hence it only takes a few months for humans to forgive and somehow forget.

Hence, we see EunGi living her life chasing after MaRu who apparently has forgotten people from his past or something like that. Although the ending was haphazardly done, I wouldn’t have chosen to see MaRu’s life end in that park, alone and cold and bleeding. His intelligence too precious to just throw away, and he is such a good person to waste.

So what did the writer do?


thoughtsrumble @ livejournal

thoughtsrumble @ livejournal

They granted his wish of falling in love in a common way. Frequenting his girl’s house, looking for her in town, just waiting for her to come back, forgetting his dark and complex past, just falling in love in an uncomplicated way – all of these were given to MaRu with sugar on top: finally achieving his dream of becoming a doctor.

A complicated intertwining of fate, ended in this simple town that’s serene and peaceful. Like I said, I wouldn’t have wished to see them separated. It is a general rule in my Kdrama addiction that people whose fates started dark and pretty much tragic deserve a happy ending, even in the simplest hanging way.

Han JaeHui was all-out annoying from the very beginning. There’s something very maddening on Park SiYeon’s pretty face that I just want to smack her right then and there. I guess her smirks just don’t work on me, and it doesn’t build up her character one bit.

photo not mine

photo not mine

Despite ranting about this drama for so many episodes, I guess it finally deserves a space in my must-watch-again list (or maybe because I kept on fast-forwarding the episodes). There is just so much to learn from MaRu’s character. The build-up of his guilt, the way he carried it, the way he wanted to repay it, his genuine love, that feeling that death is his only escape but later realizing that he wants to be live a happy life – all of these felt real in Song JoongKi’s portrayal. All of these I praise him for doing such a fantastic job; he truly deserves the Excellence Award he got. And he is a superstar in all sense of the word. Does anybody know if he has an upcoming drama that I immerse myself into?

photo taken from bntnews.co.kr

photo taken from bntnews.co.kr

Seo EunGi is a complexed character from childhood to womanhood. Being born to a chaebol it is as if her world was made to only be with the company. She was rightful in that place, but deep in her heart she was willing to sacrifice all that for the man she loves – and she did just that. It is as if her world is telling us that maybe power and fame isn’t all that is to the world; that we can give it all up if it means a simple and uncomplicated life with the people that we love. Moon ChaeWon has been a favorite of mine ever since I watched The Princess’ Man. She gave EunGi a kick of a character when she played her bitchy heiress persona, and she was all believably sweet and nice when she played EunGi with brain amnesia and brain damage. But the best EunGi I saw was when she was on the floor beside the bed, giving in to her tears and just crying all her sadness loudly to the world. I want to see more of her character portrayal, but it would be awesome to see her in her real self – playful and carefree ChaeWon.

For the amazing acting of these two leads, and the crazy psycho roads this drama went to, I’m going to give it 3 out of 5. I could have given it higher rating but the beginning was a bore that I really kept on skipping scenes. Those might have been important, but in the end they were being replayed so that did it for the skipped scenes.

So what did you guys think of it?


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