[Review] The Innocent Man – First Look

taken from Wikipedia

taken from Wikipedia

It’s been 7 episodes already and I still don’t get the point of this drama. My frustration is growing, but exactly like the curious cat in me, I can’t seem to stop watching and finding out what will happen in the end.

The synopsis briefly goes like this,

“Betrayed by his ex-girlfriend Han JaeHee, Gang Maru uses the heiress Seo EunGi who lost her memory to take his revenge.”

And I am still waiting when Seo EunGi will loose her memory.

dating in Aomori

dating in Aomori

I only started watching this because of Moon ChaeWon. She’s all sorts of awesome in The Princess’ Man. She still is in The Innocent Man (I do see what they did there) but the story simply just doesn’t grow in me. I need more material, and more concrete plot direction to actually watch this without my mind going to an entirely different direction.

And it doesn’t help that I keep on skipping the scenes without Maru and EunGi. Even Park SiYeon’s Han JaeHee doesn’t work.

Ugh. Please let this drama take on a steadier beat rather than the EunGi-hates-the-world-but-loves-Maru-but-then-Maru-just-hates-the-world drama. Don’t let me hate on Song JoongKi because of this.

And right now, I would really appreciate any non-spoiler tip you can give just to move on with this drama. Any comments?


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