[Review] Cheongdam-dong Alice

Cheongdam-dong Alice

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While it’s your typical Cinderella story with the poor woman rich man premise, it steers away from the bullied Cinderella. The creators made a Prince whose foundation is very strong but the personality seemingly weak. Hence, our empowered Alice saves her prince – which is an awesome conclusion nowadays.

 I don’t really watch a drama or a movie for the laughs but for the philosophy behind it, and CA struck quite a nice balance. Slapstick is a turn-off for me, and while there are scenes in CA that almost hits that genre, the director had it completely halted turning serious before a scene goes cheap.

On the Cast:

JeaJean Thierry Cha~n Thierry Cha’s quirks made the rom-com enjoyable more than anything. And since it’s been a while since I watched a comedy, I was completely sold to Park Shi-hoo. Even his deep voice when serious was enticing. His high pitched ones were also more than enough to convince me that this man is not trying too hard, yet it works well.

Just think of him wiggling his index finger in the air and repeatedly saying “Ohtokajji? Ohtokajji?” Pure win.

Han SeKyung

While Han Se Kyung’s personality is strong and driven, and I do like Moon Geun Young in these roles, there’s still something lacking. I can’t match her well with Han Se Kyung (unlike the awesome that she is in Cinderella’s Sister). It’s either she’s too calm and collected at some scenes, or her eyes’ expressions are just too lacking. Take your pick.

Other than these two, the rest of the cast fall a little behind. My frustration falls with So Yoon Joo’s character. She was given a rather multi-dimensional personality which will really stretch an actress’ horizon, but most of the time I can’t sympathize with her. Or maybe I’m expecting too much from this character that So Yi Hyun was a disappointment. Then again, had it been anybody else, I might have been more annoyed.

galleria mall

from parkshihoo4u.com

On-Location and Wardrobe:

Set in the high-end district of Seoul, Cheongdam-dong, the scenes were always classy and rich. I specifically liked the wardrobe of Jean Thierry Cha. It’s corporate but crisp and young. I have always adored Winter Fashion, so although most of the scenes outside were dull and white, the garments compensated with bursts of bright colors.

On the Script:

I loved the general philosophy of this story. Although I don’t believe in the means Se Kyung used, you would want to just agree because she has lost everything. It’s the same pitiful lines in the beginning, but she turns it around towards the end as she made Jean Thierry Cha look at reality.

On another note, I also want to believe her that not everything works out by being Candy – someone who works really hard for her dream. Sometimes, just working hard isn’t enough. I remember a college professor tell us in class, “Don’t work harder, work smarter.” I always think about this statement often now that I’m part of the working class. Is it worth it to work hard, or to advance in this work force you need to be smarter?

Anyway, since it’s been a while since I wrote a review, I’ll give Cheondam-dong Alice a 3.5 out of 5 (.5 added since I actually rushed home from a lunch break just so I can watch the last episode).

What do you guys think of this drama? Would you recommend this to non-fans?


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