Girls Fri-date

Because of the many controversies surrounding our workplace right now, the girls and I decided to ditch any overtime work on Friday, and do some -or a lot- of catching up.
After a week of looking up good places to eat at within the city area, we chose Big Mike’s Grill House. It’s strategically located beside the local mall, and just in front of a car dealer. 
I’m not entirely sure of its operating hours but we arrived 15 minutes past five pm and it was already open, but I think we were the first customers.
A bar and a bunch of chairs greeted us alongside friendly staff. But we chose to sit at the interior, more intimate area, of the resto. The lighting was dim but it’s just enough for a business meeting, dinner date, family dinner, team dinner, or any meeting that’s more causal than formal. It’s laid back and we had a lot of laugh without thinking of what other people would think. I mean most people in there weren’t actually in for a solemn dinner, right?
The food was good. We ordered a combo good enough for five people but since there were 7 of us, we added one more platter and 2 more rice cups. I am not a food critic, but truth be told that for normal eaters like me, it definitely was worth trying a second or third time around.
We stayed until 8 and that was when people really started coming in.  Those at the outer part of the resto were treated to a live band. The outer part houses the bar so I assume it was there that people who prefer alcohols stay at. We even thought of transferring out but decided against it because we were from work and some of us are still in uniform. Decency issue if you ask me.
The downside of the grill house that I really want to point out is that they tend to clear out the utensils immediately after we finish eating. Jen actually had her glass of light beer taken away before she even finished it. And one of the bus boys I think actually though we were fire fighters because of our hard hats (read: helmet). Should I point out that not only firefighters wear helmets?
Anyway, in general we had a good time at Big Mike’s and we might come back to enjoy the food after visiting other food houses.

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