[March 14, 2011] Johnny’s International Mail

In line with the recent twin disasters in Japan, JE has forwarded this message to it’s subscribers.

NOTE: This is only part of the mail. The other one was concerning the ticket application for Tackey’s Kabuki being postponed.

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1. Announcement
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On Friday March 11, after The 2011 Sendai earthquake and tsunami
(Tohoku Chiho Taiheiyo-oki Jishin) has happened,
Johnny’s fans all over the world has been worried about the safety of Johnny’s talents.
The Johnny’s Family Club has already confirmed the safety of everyone.
Thank you for worrying about our artists even in an urgent
situation. We sincerely hope that people who have been affected by this disaster
will be able to return back to their normal lives.

Johnny’s Family Club
From all the artists


Remember, Johnny’s is not the only people in Japan. Let us continue praying for the well-being and safety of the living;  the missing found; and the dead may their souls rest in peace.


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