Crocheting! And the latest update in my life.

Only a few days left and I’ll be turning 20. Wait, scratch that. There are still two months left. And looking at my to-do list, there isn’t much improvement since the last time I updated. Apparently, I still have ‘crafts’ left to do. I don’t think i can still do the beads thing, but recently crocheting has been a constant companion. However, I still haven’t searched for decent yarns and hooks. I’m still stuck with the normal hooks and yarns you can buy in local markets. Next week, I’m going to try my luck on craft stores around Makati area. If I still can’t find any, then I’ll follow up on Filipina bloggers who also do crocheting. You can never know where else this hobby has in store for you. πŸ™‚


So until next time! I’ve just finished a hat for the family dog, Toma. I’ll post pictures once I get the chance to put it on him.


Your 2 cents?

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