Hair Care 101: In layman’s term, let’s learn!

Because I thought that this blog deserves another update, I decided to go on with a project. And this time, it will involve hair care.

I recently had my hair dyed, and attempted loose curls for that new look I’ve been aiming for ever since I had my braces put on about a month ago. Prior to that, I have long, rebonded, and dyed burgundy hair. I love my hair color, but having it for over a year, I kind of wanted to have a change. Plus, since I’m going for a new look, I decided to have it shortened by about 4 inches, dyed brown, and the epic loose curls.

The cut and the color worked, of course, and I loved the new color I got since it sort of made my face look brighter. But the loose curls failed! Well, actually, I was already told by the salon people that the curls wouldn’t work on rebonded hair, but I was so persistent, they gave in and I was told they were doing it at my own risk. I should have believed them, tsk. But yeah, I got the procedure, but not the curls.

So now I’m stuck with dry hair, and awful texture. It’s not that bad, but I was just used to seeing my smooth and shiny hair when I stand in front of the mirror, that I’m kind of only realizing now how much my hair was easier to manage prior to my curls adventure.

With all those narrated, I’ve decided that I should put up this hair care project. This Blog is kind of meh right now, so I thought of spicing things up without putting a crash course about my fandom.

Ionic Keratin Treatment

I first kicked out things by using Ionic Keratintreatment. It’s a hair care treatment that not a lot of salons have, I think. I basically just use as an alternative to conditioner, but I don’t use it every day. I also skip the steaming part because I don’t want to further dry my hair. I leave it on my hair for about two hours (and suffer major head ache a few hours later), before rinsing it properly. I heard some people even leave it on for the whole day, but I think I’m going to get sick if I don’t wash it. The smell is tolerable, for me at least. I don’t particularly like it, but I don’t hate it either. Some people find it fragrant, but I find the smell too strong to have it linger for the whole day.

Now at night, I don’t usually brush my hair. But because of what happened, I was forced to buy a wide brush, and now I’m brushing my hair at least a hundred times before going to sleep. I never, not once, been on a high maintenance with my hair after a visit to our salon, but now is different. I feel the damage eating me, and changing my life drastically. ANYWAY, I have to properly take care of my hair now before my Daddy sees it in all its failing glory about two weeks from now.

I’ll be away from home next week, for two weeks, so I have to have another visit to our salon before then. One of our staff said that I have to have my hair treated with Semi di Lino to treat the dryness. I’m going to blog about that after I get it done.

Till next time! If you have any hair questions, just ask me. I forgot to mention that my family owns a salon in our town, so I pretty much have an idea of what treatments are for what, and for how long should a rebonded hair be treated before curling it and stuff like that. I was just a hard head. So I promise never to do that again. Ugh. Sigh.



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