Mannequin Five Spring Date SP!

I want everybody out there to hear that I’m tremendously spending too much time watching ARASHI’s MANNEQUIN FIVE! Haha. Seriously though, I’ve been really into the show because I wanted to see how stylish these boys are when it comes to clothing by themselves – if they really do it by themselves; or on the other hand, how much they need help from a fashion police. But then again, I’m not really that big on fashion and I usually go by the common sense.

Anyway, let’s start with their first special for MFive, with the theme of Best Spring Date Outfit. There’s no spring from where I come from, but the weather can be chilly sometimes – well, on really very rare occasions – and as I’ve said I’m going to use common sense, so no one gets butthurt or something.

Sakurai Sho Mannequin Five Spring Date

I’m going to start with Sakurai Sho-san. I honestly like the simplicity of his outfit. It’s something that I would like to see on a guy I’m with. Except that this outfit with look better on non-hi-cut sneakers. Maybe it’s just me, but I really don’t know when hi-cuts will work best, so better play safe and wear it with long pants (I know I do, but that’s because I’m short). Maybe if he’s wearing shorter pants, it will look better? I don’t know, I’m honestly not too sure (if so, why the hell am I writing this again?!). Also, I like the general image that it’s effortlessly done – like he purposefully wore something that’s atop his dresser, but managed to look good in it. But then again, he’s Sakurai Sho, he’s ARASHI, there’s only a few number of people who’d disagree on a proud level. (I’m honestly taking that statement back later on so watch out for it.)

Aiba Masaki Mannequin five Spring Date

Second, Aiba Masaki-san’s coordination! I love his double-shirt style, like seriously. The pattern, the design, and the color matched really well. Well, I honestly love his whole outfit, I can even forgive the female section pants and the shouting red shoes (because I love red in everything). I was disappointed that this came only fourth. Now like in any other dissection, I would like to point out that if it’s not Aiba wearing this, it might not just work. LOL my ‘giving-in-to-Aiba’s-fashion-sense-syndrome’. But honestly, it really depends on the person on how to pull an outfit off.

Ninomiya Kazunari Mannequin Five Spring Date

Third is Ninomiya Kazunari-san’s turn on the hot seat. I have to say that I hate that over-sized trench coat on him. It makes him look shorter than he already is! And the slouchy jeans, seriously makes him look like he’s all over the place! I like the color combination, though. The orange scarf and belt are fresh to look at; correct me if I’m wrong, but the pants are kind of a pastel blue? I like that it’s that shade because it sort of tones down the bright orange. He has a vest and white dress shirt underneath that hideous coat, mind you. All in all, this is an okay outfit, but really, Nino, loose the coat.

Ohno Satoshi Mannequin Five Spring Date

Fourth is Riida, Ohno Satoshi-san. I will disregard the fact that he actually bought off what’s on a mannequin. But really, I don’t have much to say about this outfit except it really looks cool. It’s safe, too. I’m not surprised a lot of people liked this outfit. However, maybe he could have chosen a pair of jeans that aren’t acid washed? You know, those traditional denims? And the fold at the hem is a turn off. I’ve recently thought that folding pants outward makes one look short – somewhere in the lines off, why the heck did you buy a pair of pants longer than you; or your waist/hips is not proportioned to your lower torso’s length, or something like that. (I have honestly made quite a few trips to the tailor the past few months to get my pants cut, because yes, my hips/waist is not proportioned to the length of my lower torso.) Now, back to Riida, the fish at the pocket was really cute! People have been fooled by that heart-shaped tail, but it was really nice of him to incorporate his favorite hobby in his outfit. It screams, “I’m OHNO AND I LOVE FISHING!” even if he didn’t exactly coordinated that himself.

Matsumoto Jun Mannequin Five Spring Date

The last one will be for Matsumoto Jun. I’m not going to lie, but really, if he were my boyfriend, and we’ll be out on a date, I’ll tell him to go back and change the moment I land my eyes on him. End of discussion. No, but seriously, I was wondering where all that talk about Jun being a GREAT dresser came from. I’m beginning to doubt his fashion instincts, sadly. But maybe he tried too hard? His attack didn’t work out though. He wore a number of better outfits while he was in the three-hour shopping spree! So you see, even if he is a member of ARASHI, the outfit really doesn’t work!

Anyway, this discussion has come to an end. And putting the results aside, I’d like to also rank them according to my taste.

1.)    Sakurai Sho

2.)    Aiba Masaki

3.)    Ohno Satoshi

4.)    Ninomiya Kazunari

5.)    Matsumoto Jun

Looking at that list, I really feel sorry for Jun. He’s my ichiban in ARASHI and yet that didn’t help his coordination. And Nino’s too, even if he is my niban, it didn’t work as well. Oh well.


7 thoughts on “Mannequin Five Spring Date SP!

  1. Nice blog! Had some time to kill and was surfing around for reviews of Gou and ended up here. Been going over your posts and couldn’t help but laugh at your comment about Jun’s outift—

    if he were my boyfriend, and we’ll be out on a date, I’ll tell him to go back and change the moment I land my eyes on him. End of discussion.

    That was hilarious. Well, he did try too hard. I guess the pressure of being labeled a “fashionista” got to him. I was wondering…did they pick their clothes in random or were they supplied a theme or something? It would’ve been more interesting if they were told to dress themselves for a certain event like a night out with friends, a casual dinner party or a movie premiere or something. Maybe we could have a better sense of how well they dressed themselves. 🙂

    • hello! thank you for dropping by!

      are you a fan of Arashi? i’m actually excited to see their new SP, it’s another Spring Date theme, if i’m not mistaken. i hope Jun has learned his lesson by then. XD

      • Am I an Arashi fan? Quite the difficult question.

        I don’t really consider myself a fan-fan if you know what I mean but I do find them somewhat fascinating. I can tell you that even though I’m not too keen on their music, I’m always curious to see how well (or how poorly) they do in their dramas. Been watching them individually without little or or no knowledge of them as a group until recently. 🙂

      • i think i know what you mean… like a casual fan of some sort? 🙂 i used to be like that myself, only watching their dramas. but i soon realized that their variety shows are more interesting. xD

        i still have a love-hate relationship with their songs, being a Tohoshinki fan myself. 😀

  2. P.S. Duh, nevermind what I said about the themes, it clearly says Spring Date. LMAO ^^ For some reason the outfits didn’t strike me as spring wear. I’m such a ditz.

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