Answering some MAOU-related questions

There were these questions over at Maou in Crunchyroll which I really want to answer but can’t because I’ve forgotten my account over there. So, since Maou is still fresh in my memory and I really want to voice out my answers, I’d like to post them up here.

Do you think Naruse Ryou is wrong?

Morally speaking, of course killing people is wrong. But that aside, when it comes to his rationality, I believe that what he is doing is correct. He kills people based on anger; hunger for revenge. When I put myself in his shoes, all thoughts of good or bad are erased, and left only with that one goal of avenging his brother and mother. But since the question is “Do you…” I’d have to say, yes, he is wrong. There are many ways of avenging his family members, if he cannot forgive those who have wronged him. I don’t think the statute of limitations has been applied so maybe he can re-open the case? If he doesn’t believe the law, then it’s actually pointless that his character was that of a lawyer. Another thing, maybe he could have just directed his revenge towards Serizawa Naoto and not include the other people involved?

Who is more pitiful: Naruse Ryou or Serizawa Naoto?

From the beginning, it was already Naruse Ryou. He was living in grief for 11 years with no one really beside him. There’s that so-called sister, but she doesn’t really ‘understand’ him, or should I say he refuse to let anybody in. Serizawa on the other hand has guilt, but as he put it, he has already found an outlet for that guilt, becoming a cop and catching criminals (to make the world a better and safer place). As far as I’m concerned, he already has happiness in his life, with his family and friends.

If YOU were to choose, who would it be (in SHIORI’s position)?

I guess this is a question of love? When you’ve seen the drama, you actually already have an answer. Naoto likes Shiori, but Shiori is in love with Ryou, and Ryou is in love with her. And I have to agree with her. Ryou needs someone beside him, for him to be able to get out of the ‘dark tunnel’ and be saved. Shiori is his angel. Like, Shiori’s pureness might just be that thing to help purify Ryou’s darkened heart.

Okay, I’ve given my answers. Really, I’m just bored but couldn’t put up an answer over there. Plus the drama has been aired two years ago~ And sorry for the weird title. I’m sort of sleepy, I still have to try the subbing programs I recently got my hands on.

Til next time!


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