Update on Things To Do Before Turning Twenty

It’s been a long while since I posted this up on my blog. I thought I should update it since I’ve made quite relevant progress in the five months that have past. I’ve crossed out those that I have achieved and elaborated them for personal purposes.

1. Get a credit card with a ten thousand limit.
2. Confess to one of my crushes
3. Tour London
4. Shop in Hong Kong
5. Visit Singapore

I was in Singapore a few days ago. I stayed there from the 25th of July until the 8th of August. Great country and I’d love to visit it again in the future. If not only for the hot weather, and the indefinite rains, I’d love to live in Singapore to know more about their culture. It’s multi-national so that adds up.
6. Get a job at an advertising company
7. Buy an SLR camera

I didn’t actually buy it, my Dad did. But thinking about how pricey it was, I thought it’s impossible for a fresh graduate like me to be able to afford it.

8. Drive somewhere on my own

9. Ride an airplane

When I went to Singapore, i flew there. πŸ™‚ And I don’t like flying very much. I have issues with heights but not up to the extent of getting scared when I’m up in the air. Just that a rough ride on anything makes my stomach churn really bad to the point of vomiting.

10. Get invited to join Look Book
11. Post at least a hundred looks for chictopia
12. Make a snowman
13. Watch at least 3 concerts Just one more concert

I’ve been to two already. The Super Junior Concert and The Hillsongs in the Philippines, both held last April. I’m thinking of who to watch next. But I need to get a job first to finance that.
14. Learn another language
15. Sell stock photos online
16. Create a portfolio of my favorite subjects
17. Run around a soccer field at least five times non-stop
18. Ice-skate
19. Go out on a date
20. Fine-dining!

And the additional

21. Crafting!

Until next time!


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