Jin leaving KAT-TUN

credits: AF

I honestly shouldn’t be reacting to this. I’m long done with my KAT-TUN fangirling era, and although Jin was, at one point or two, became my favorite, I’m quite indifferent to them at the moment. So when the news of Akanishi Jin leaving KAT-TUN surfaced, I was not shocked, but thought, “Oh, again? I mean, it isn’t the first time, anyway.”

He first left the group in 2006, but then he was destined to come back. I was not yet a fan at that time so I couldn’t care less when he actually made it to their concert the day after he arrived in Japan. At their recent interview, the group said that it wasn’t the first time, so it’s actually easier to accept that he will officially leave the group. Kame even said that it would be silly to tie him down with the group if what he wants is to succeed with his music in America. I mean, seriously, if they’re really friends they’d let him go. Besides, as Johnny Kitagawa puts it, KAT-TUN as a fallback for Jin if he fails in America will be ridiculous. I mean, what is KAT-TUN, a last resort? They’re better than that.

Most fans who claim themselves as true fans will say that KAT-TUN will never be the same without Jin. That is true. I honestly think that Jin is one of the most talented performers in JE. He can sing and he can dance. But to think that KAT-TUN minus A = nothing, I don’t think so. Maybe I’m saying this because I’m not a ‘real’ fan as others will put it, but we have all seen KAT-TUN for a year without Jin in 2006-2007. We’ve seen them without Jin when he debuted for LANDS earlier this year (or was it late last year?). And KAT-TUN still topped their charts, they still sold thousands of albums, and continued to tour Asia even without Akanishi Jin, and I think people actually have come to accept that KAT-TUN can be without Jin.

My point is, KAT-TUN might actually be better off without Akanishi Jin. He has proven to everybody that he can stand alone without KAT-TUN so why would the group be any less without him? True, they will never be the same. But we, as fans, can only hope that both sides become even better after the separation.

credits: AF


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