KariPi or PiRina?

credits: AFcredits: AF

Although the news was out for about 3 months already, I thought I’d give out my opinion. I really love both of them!

Ever since I saw Karina as the Onee-san in Koizora, I had always seen her as someone beautiful. And then I saw her in Love shuffle, along with a more refined acting skill as she was one of the lead characters. Now I get all jumpy knowing that she’ll be starring a movie with Yamashita Tomohisa.

KariPi or PiRina? Whatever the pairing name shall be, I’m happy to see both of them acting together again. I just hope Karina gets a decent starring role – I mean, the title is “Ashita no Joe”and it will definitely focus more on Yamashita. I wish it wouldn’t be the second Kurosagi Movie in which Horikita Maki only got like a 5-minute screen time.

Anyway, I’m not hoping for any romantic off-screen story, because I think Yamapi is happy with Kitagawa Keiko. And Karina deserves someone else. Don’t get me wrong, I love Yamapi to bits (just that I think Karina deserves someone better! XD )!

And we can’t always expect onscreen partners to be lovers in real life.


Your 2 cents?

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