Review: Super Junior’s No Other

credit: AF

After quite a few months of shying away from Super Junior songs primarily because I disliked Bonamana (except for the nice lighting of the MV), I decided to listen to No Other. I have no prior plans of writing a review for it, but since I have the time and the muse is here, I decided to write in an entry as well.

I’m going to dissect my review into the following: song’s arrangement, video (colors, angles, overall theme of the video), and the director’s artistry. Let me remind everyone that I have no professional background and my review lies solely on my opinion, and experience with numerous MVs and songs.

Song’s Arrangement

This is a breath of fresh air, coming from Super Junior. After numerous carrier songs that depict dark and, I suppose, tragic songs, this one is fresh, somewhat childish, and appropriate for the season. It has a catchy tune, and the second voice for the chorus was relaxing. It’s as if boys were humming their lady to sleep, but it came out really sweet that the lady preferred to listen rather than sleep. Except for the unnecessary insert of Sorry, Sorry, I think this one is really something new from the group and one that have the highest probability of attracting more female fans.


I’ve always wanted to take pictures with the same bright but somehow pale lighting. This video reminds me of one of Ariel Lin’s MV (Firefly, I think) and Super Junior’s own, Haengbok. The colors were light, but not too bright. The simple background used was perfect for the light tune of the song. The group’s outfit was complimentary. Except that I think Yesung should have worn something other than black. The clothes he wore in the individual shots were nice, and I think the all black ensemble in the group shot was uncalled for.

There wasn’t anything special about the angling, except that the lady viewers were also included in the MV, as if they were the one being confessed to by the boys. This is old antique, but miraculously works every time. SM also made sure that the girl model was not introduced to avoid fan raids.

The story behind the MV was nice. I specifically loved LeeTeuk’s adventure. While the others were busy trying to practice their confessions, he was busy taking photographs of people for his own confession. I loved following him around with that camera of his. EunHyuk’s story was a bit off. I don’t understand why he has to dance in front of the camera, with his shirt unbuttoned. Somebody tell me, was he doing an audition VTR? Because if he is, I don’t think he fits in.

Director’s artistry and target

The idea that the director had in mind, I think, is a light-hearted MV, but will, at the same time, attract more fans. I remember how I first fell in love with them. it wasn’t during Twins, nor was it during U. it was the time in between, their Miracle days. Then I lost interest, but sort of came back with their Haengbok MV. My point is, I believe that the target of the director was to get back the fans that Super Junior lost – what with HanKyung leaving the group, with KangIn’s permanent suspension, and KiBum being MIA. Although Super Junior gained a lot of new fans with their tour to new countries, they also lost some old fans when the other members are not anymore participating in the group’s activities. I think the director and SME as a whole wanted to get back those fans with a new, light-hearted MV that shows all the boys’ charisma, sexiness, and cuteness rolled into one colorful MV. A huge number of their fan base are young girls after all.


Your 2 cents?

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