Fall in Love with Endless Love III: Summer Scent

I’ve been sitting a lot these days, what with school over, and just finding and waiting for job opportunities. I realized that I have so much time in my hands, that I decided to use them by backtracking on old Korean dramas that really took Hallyu to the next level.

summer scent

I’m talking about the Endless Love series. I have finished watching Autumn Tale, and currently got some free time on my hands while waiting for the series to buff on YouTube. Anyway, I’ve already talked about a previous topic within the drama, and thought of putting up another one.

Time-tested love versus Fated love. I haven’t been in love; well, none that you can categorize under the two. And to be honest, I can’t quite put my finger on which among the two am I supposed to believe in.

People say, however, that the time spent by two people together does not determine the love they have for each other. Sometimes even, time also cannot determine how much two people know about each other. ย I believe things like knowing about each other comes naturally. So does fate. Love that happened within the confines of Fate can never be forced, and it can never be helped.

Although practically speaking, love tested by time is usually the safest to go with. But that does not guarantee that Fated love can make any two people be less happier.


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