Earn money online?

I’ve done it again. HAHA. I’ve found another option on how to earn bucks. I currently haven’t received anything yet, but I was hoping I can earn even just 100$ before the start of next month.

Because I’m really not yet all that prepared to work for the next two months, and my parents aren’t exactly giving me any allowance since I’m just staying home, I was wondering if I can find anything to earn money. Well, actually I was just looking around if I can find anything actually worth buying – which is actually not practical because I really don’t have any cash right now. Blame the stupid fingers which keep on looking on how to spend money.

I will seriously have to blog another time to update my To Do List. Right now, I’m going to concentrate on how to earn money at home.

If anyone is interested, reply to this post for details. Let’s all figure out how these things work and earn money online!


Your 2 cents?

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