#4 Defense

I finally edited this blog! HAHA. Anyway.

We defended our thesis when I wore this. The results were good, we passed (that means we’ll be able to graduate on time!), but it wasn’t enough to have our thesis bound. But the panel gave us the chance to have it edited so that we can have it bound given the condition that we do all the required revisions.

While waiting, my thesis mates and I decided to take pictures to calm our nerves. We took loads, if I remember correctly, but this one struck me really really well. I looked tall here, and incredibly thinner than usual. Thanks, Karla for taking a good angle! ^_^

It’s a one piece dress from Get Laud, and the shoes are from Finickee (did I spell it correctly?). I was too nervous that I didn’t put on any make-up, and didn’t even tie my hair. I braided my hair from our previous defense but because of my nerves, I couldn’t do anything to prepare.


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