My Etude House visits

I also got hold-upped by Lee Minho. I visited Etude House again today, the second time this week. I should remind myself not to return to that mall until further notice. I keep cashing out my money! Out of the haul, I’ve tried out the Code B Eye shadow, #3. It’s a nice brown shade that goes well with the other shades from another brand. I love this shade and I’m using it often. I also got myself a bottle of Lip and Eye Remover. I’ve thought of using lotion or astringent to remove my make-up but this one has a nice scent so I got this as well. I also bought a nail buffer and a contour brush, which I’ve been fetishing since I don’t know. J I’m still yet to try their primer. I’ll see if it will work better than what I’m targeting to buy since it’s cheaper. There’s also the blush in #5 Trend Peach, and another eye shadow at #1 White.

I’ll update with another blend if I get my hands on it.

PS. The sales lady there gave me a Minho folder. I remember the first time they told me they’re giving me a Minho folder, I shrieked a curse. Yeah. So me.

sorry for the crappy lighting. it’s night and i’m too lazy to edit.


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