Blabs on Twilight

I know I said I won’t post anything regarding Twilight if I didn’t like it. However, I think I deserve an opinion. And the reason why I said those were so that I don’t get banned for saying foul things.

I don’t think I’ll get banned with the following though, so be it.

I just finished watching Twilight. And for some reasons, the reviews I’ve read before are in one way or another correct. Edward Cullen was created to be the perfect man for any girl. He was created to be this perfect knight in shining armor that’s supposed to fulfill every ordinary girl’s wish. Handsome, smart, skin-glowing in sunlight, and everything nice.

Moving on, I think the film was pretty average. I’ve never read the book so I couldn’t really say anything if it has served the book any justice. I didn’t like the editing of the movie, though. The scenes were cut through and through like some bad-a** pasting of the clips together. When the speed of the vampires was being highlighted, I couldn’t help but get annoyed. Everything else was doubled in speed, and it was weird. There were also so many unnecessary scenes that were included.

Bella’s narration was one of my frustrations. I know she’s bored with her life but she can at least show some other tome in her voice. It can make any non-fan to become anti-fans, no pun intended. And the creation of her character annoys me so much. And I know I wouldn’t want to put myself in her character. She also fell in love too fast with Edward Cullen, and it’s weird that she wasn’t even scared even he was purposely scaring her. And oh, she didn’t know how to at least pretend to save her life. But at least she doesn’t have a squeaky voice, with all the stuttering – so props for that.

Anyway, I think the part that I enjoyed the most – yes, I did enjoy some parts, putting my bias aside – are the parts with Bella’s friends: the group welcoming her; and the times with Edward’s family: when Bella was introduced to them, and the baseball game. Those were pretty fun scenes, and in my opinion, a good pay for the boring narration and annoying character of Bella.

Oh yeah, pepper spray doesn’t work on vampires. And the apple was epic.


Your 2 cents?

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