High School Life, Oh High School Life

I got on the jeep with a few high school students – boisterous kids at that. I realized how fast time passed. It’s already been three years since I graduated from high school, and I have to say, I still miss it. I made a number of friends back in high school, but I’ve only kept in contact with a few – less than five, I think.

I think I’ve grown more mature since I last wore my royal blue jumper – the uniform in my high school. I no longer cry at the most random things, and I’ve learned to keep my emotions to myself more. I still do petty things but now I’m more aware of the consequences. Life has been pretty hard on me since I marched in that old gym. But I think these experiences only made me stronger, and I believe better, as a person.

I have a younger sister who goes to the same high school I went to. I don’t think I see myself in her, but knowing that she’d be experiencing high school in a completely different perspective makes me excited. There’s so much I wanted to do in high school that I wasn’t able to do. I hope that she doesn’t have the same regrets I had when I finished With Honors.


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